Badminton and table tennis may not be similar games to those accustomed to playing them. However, they are both racket sports played indoors. They also feature at the Olympic Games and involve agility and precision. People of all ages can play the two games and enjoy some good exercise. Someone new to racket games may want some clarification about their differences. Here are some ways in which they differ. 

The competitions

The only international competition where you will see both badminton and table tennis is at the Olympic Games. The ITTF is responsible for organizing international table tennis competitions. These include the World Table Tennis Championships and the World Team Table Tennis Championships. Singles and doubles events don’t happen in the same year but in alternate years. 

The BWF organizes international badminton competitions, and singles and doubles events are held at the same tournaments. Badminton fans enjoy betting on the sport. They will go to their favorite sports gambling sites and place bets on the BWF World Championships and other international events.

It can be easy to pick up table tennis or badminton and play for recreational purposes. However, it is hard to participate in those sports at a professional level, as they require hours of practice. 

The speed and physical challenge

Table tennis is an incredibly quick game played on a table with a net in the middle. The small playing surface and lightness of the ball contribute to the speed. Balls can travel at more than 100 miles per hour in professional games. Motivated players will work hard to develop the lightning-quick reflexes they need to return these balls. Precision and timing are essential for competitive play. 

Badminton is played on a rectangular court of a specific size with a net. It is not as fast a game as table tennis. This is due to the size of the court and the fact that the speed of the shuttlecock is influenced by air resistance. Players use positioning on the court and strategic shots to try and outmaneuver their opponents. The overhead shots demand agility, endurance, and cardiovascular fitness.

The equipment

The top tennis stars never pay attention to the equipment they use, as it can affect their game. The same applies to badminton and table tennis. The paddle players use to play table tennis has a handle and a blade. The paddle can be any size and shape, but 85% of the thickness of the blade must be wood. A table tennis ball is made from plastic and is white or orange for good visibility.

There are specific measurements for the racket and the shuttlecock that players use in badminton. The rackets are usually made of materials like carbon fiber. The shuttlecock is a conical object with feathers designed to ensure steady flight. 

The rules

The most notable rule differences between the two games come in the scoring caps and order of the serves. In table tennis, a player only needs 11 points to win a game and must win by a margin of two points. In badminton, the player needs 21 points to win a game and must also win by a margin of two points.

In table tennis, each player gets two serves, and the opponent serves no matter who wins the rallies. In badminton, the right to serve first is decided by flipping a coin. After the first serve, the player who wins the point will serve. Service stays with the player until the opponent wins a point. 

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