Seeing a loved one suffering from addiction is incredibly tough to take. It can happen to anyone, and come at any time really, particularly through periods of stress and anxiety. Which, let’s face it, in the world we live in is pretty rife.

Addiction can come in many forms, and in recent years the rise of alcohol and drug addiction has been significant, and we aren’t just talking about the likes of cocaine, heroin and other opioids, which seem to make the news every day at present.

There’s a large number of people also misusing prescription drugs these days as they look to cope with the stresses of everyday life. More and more people are entering rehab with prescription drug addiction, and added to the already large-scale crisis of alcohol and drug addiction in the country, there are thousands upon thousands of people out there whose loved ones and partners are suffering, and they have no real idea of how to help and support.

So, how can you show your addicted loved one your support?

Make them feel valued

Those battling with addiction will often have self esteem issues, so showing them that they are valued is an important factor in helping people find the motivation and encouragement to tackle their addiction.


There are many ways in which you can help boost someone’s self esteem, and it can be as simple as paying someone a compliment on their strengths and personality traits, just ringing them for a chat, or getting them involved in the things you like to do, such as going for a walk or playing a game.

Do your research on addiction and recovery

If you show interest in their treatment and recovery, that’s only going to be a boost to them and a real show of support. If you’re invested in them, they’re much more likely to be invested in themselves, what’s more, opening a door to be able to discuss how they are feeling about their addiction and the options they have moving forward.

They will also know that any suggestions you have for them are in their best interest as you have done your research around it.

Provide a sober environment

Continuing along the investing in their recovery front, making the environment you are in a safe one for addicts can be another major show of support for your loved one. If you live with the person suffering from addiction and they suffer from alcoholism, for example, remove all the alcohol from the home and don’t drink around that person. It shows a level of commitment to them and will encourage them to get through the difficult periods and push into recovery.

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