Doors (The)

The Doors – The end

Tablature gratuite de la chanson “The end” de The Doors.

Tablature, accords, paroles:

Accordage : Drop D





Accords et paroles:

D                     C                D
This is the end, beautiful friend.
                          C              D
This is the end, my only friend, the end
      C       G              D
of our elaborate plans, the end
      C                          D
of everything that stands, the end,
       C      G       D
no safety or surprise, the end.
    C                               D
I'll never look into your eyes again.
               C                         D
Can you picture what will be,
     G7                 D
so limitless and free,
  C                   D                    G                    D
desp'rately in need of some stranger's hand,
       C                   D
in a    desp'rate land.
Lost in a roman wilderness of pain,
and all the children are insane... x 2
waiting for the summer rain.
There's danger on the edge of town,
Ride the king's highway.
Weird scenes inside the goldmine;
ride the king's highway west, baby.
Ride the snake... x 2
to the lake,
the ancient lake, baby.
The snake is long,
seven miles;
ride the snake,
he's old and his skin is cold.
The West is the best... x 2
Get here and we'll do the rest.
The blue bus is calling us... x 2
Driver, where you taking us?.. x 2
The Killer awoke before dawn,
he put his boots on,
he took a face from the ancient gallery,
and he walked on down the hall.
He went to the room where his sister lived,
and then he paid a visit to his brother,
and then he walked on down the hall.
And he came to a door,
and he looked inside,
"Yes, son?"
"I want to kill you.
Mother I want to....."
Come on, baby, take a chance with us,
and meet me at the back of the blue bus... x 3
Come on, yeah.				

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