Referring to the card game, surely everyone is no longer too familiar with the Southern Ta La subject. This is a familiar form of entertainment that is loved by many play go88. Although quite popular, not everyone understands and knows how to play this southern pho. The following article will help everyone have the most overview of this attractive bonus game! Check it out now:

General introduction to the game Ta La South

Ta La card game in the South is also known as Phom card in the South. Normally, this subject will need to use up to 54 cards in the Tu Le Khoi deck. The minimum number of participants in a game is 2 people and the maximum is 4 people.

Ta La Southern card game has a simple way to play, you just need to know the basic rules to be able to join the game immediately. However, to have more chances to win, you also need to use your skills and have a reasonable strategy. The most important thing is still to understand the card game and cultivate for yourself the bloody experiences from those who have gone before.

General introduction about the card game Ta La in the South

Detailed instructions on how to play pho in the south

First, to start a game of Southern Phom, each player will be dealt 9 cards in turn. Only the first player will be dealt 10 cards. The remaining cards will be placed in the center of the table. We often call these cards that are used to draw after each turn.

According to the rules of the game, the player with 10 cards is played first. The next person can choose to eat or skip to create for themselves the most phom combination on hand. If you eat that card, you must discard another card for the next person. If you pass, you need to draw a venom card and drop another card to the next player. Just like that, everyone turns to play in a round until there is one person 4 turns.

The game will end when one of the 4 people has a buzzing card. If no one is busted, everyone will lower their cards and start counting. On this last turn the player can send his or her junk cards to the pokers of the previous downer. The more junk cards you send, the higher your chances of winning. The person with the lowest score will be the winner.

How to play the basic southern pho

Some tips for playing card games in the South to note

In the process of playing Phom in the South, there will be many unexpected situations that arise. If you are not a seasoned person with good skills, it is easy to lose. In addition to knowing how to play, everyone also needs to know some basic situational tips. Here are some useful information that we have compiled for everyone to refer to:

  • In case when the game has not ended but the player exits by himself, 4 times the previously registered points will be deducted.
  • If the table owner exits the first match, the right to own the table will be given to the next person.
  • The table owner will be dealt 10 cards, has the right to go first.
  • Time for a turn is 30s. In this 30 seconds, players will proceed to eat cards, draw cards, play cards. If the time is up and the player still has no action, the system will automatically select and play the highest card.
  • Therefore, in the process of playing Ta La in the South, you need to focus highly, both observing and judging the most appropriate card selection.

Some tips to play Southern swagger to keep in mind

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