Charlie Winston

Charlie Winston – I love your smile

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Accords utilisés :
G7.4:  353533
A7/E   xx2020
Am7/G  302010 

Intro :
G G C C..

G	    C			Cm		   G C 
Darling, I hate to see you so angry with the world
G		  C
If people want a piece of you
	     Cm				G
Then they're missing something for themselves
G		C		Cm		G C
Maybe it's selfish of me to look at you and say
G		   C			Cm 
Come back to me girl I love and I'll stay

	G	     C	
Cause I Love Your Smile
	G7.4		C
Yes I'd loved your smile
	 A7/E		Am7/G 
How I'd thought your smile
More than you know.

Sometimes I might seem cold holding back my sympathies
For people stories people tell
Can so easily be believed ;
The truth gets so distorted when everyone knows best
And sadness tends to find his friends
On the road to righteousness -
Darling, let's never be a part of that

Cause I Love Your Smile
I Love Your Smile
Girl, I'd loved your smile
More than you know.

I don't know why a laugh is hard to find
Could it be all of our fears that we hide behind ?
Like bricks in the wall I wanna see them fall down !

Cause I Love Your Smile
Yes I Love Your Smile
Girl I Love Your Smile
More than you know.

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  • alexx says:

    Super chanson !
    Mais il me semble que ce serait pas plus mal de remplacer le C de “more than you know” (à la fin du refrain) par l’accord suivant : x00013.
    Voilà j’ai l’impression que ça sonne mieux ^^

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