Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan – I shall be released

Tablature gratuite de la chanson “I shall be released” de Bob Dylan.

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Tablature, accords:

C                        Dm
They say every man needs protection 
Em                      Dm     C
They say every distance is not near
C                    Dm
But I remember every face
Em       Dm             C
Of every man who put me here
C                   Dm
I see my light come shinin' 
Em       Dm               C
From the west down to the east
C            Dm
Any day now, any day now 
Em      Dm   C
I shall be released 

They say every man can be replaced 
They say every man must fall 
But I swear I see my reflection 
Some place so high above the wall 

Standing next to me in this lonely room 
Is a man who swears he's not to blame 
All day long I hear him shout so loud 
Callin' out that he's been framed 

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  • Farina says:

    Super, mais pourriez vous nous montrer tout les accords en “barré” ce serait plus simple pour nous! Merci, vous êtes génial. Anco

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