Ben Harper

Ben Harper – Diamonds on the inside

Tablature gratuite, vidéo guitare et chant, accords et paroles de la chanson “Diamonds on the inside” de Ben Harper.

Tablature : accords, paroles

Accords utilisés:
G      320033
Am7(1) x02013
Am7(2) x02010
Bm7    x24232
F      133211
C      x32010

Couplets : G     Am7(1)     Bm7  Am7(2)
Refrain :     G     F     C

Riff (intro et refrain):

Couplet 1:
      I knew a girl
      Her name was truth
Bm7              Am7(2)      G
      She was a horrible liar
G                        Am7(1)
      She couldn’t spend one day alone
              Bm7         Am7(2)
      But she couldn’t be satisfied

Couplet 2:
When you have everything
You have everything to lose
She made herself a bed of nails
And she’s planning on putting it to use

                    F       C      G
(riff) But she had diamonds on the inside
                F        C      G
(riff) She had diamonds on the inside
                F        C      G
(riff) She had diamonds on the inside
       F C     G
(riff) Diamonds

Couplet 3:
A candle throws its light into the darkness
In a nasty world so shines a good deed
Make sure the fortune that you seek
Is the fortune that you need

Couplet 4:
Tell me why the first to ask
Is the last to give everytime
What you say and do not mean
Follows you close behind


Couplet 5:
Like the soldier long standing under fire
Any change comes as a relief
Let the giver’s name remain unspoken
She is just a generous thief


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