Thanks to various tech innovations, many inventions can be an attachment to improve life on your vehicle. One such is a dashboard camera. 

Also known as a dash cam, this is a small video camera usually mounted on the car’s windshield or dashboard. This camera comes with a series of features that can record whatever goes on around you while driving. Also, some dash cams can record both the interior and exterior of a car during a trip. 

Dash cams have become popular over the years. This is unsurprising as it comes with a series of features that provides advantages to several drivers, car owners, and businesses. 

Depending on the complexity, some dash cams have various elements, like a built-in GPS that can track the speed and location. Also, some come with sensors that detect sudden movement and trigger recording. 

Whether for personal or business use, a dashcam has several features which can make it a worthwhile investment. This extra investment in your car or fleet of company trucks can lead to thousands of dollars in savings for your vehicle in the long run. 

Here are various benefits of dash cams:

  • Tracks Staff Driving Habit

Some job lines exist where employees need to drive around a lot. One primary concern of such an employer is the driving habits of their workers. Thankfully, some techs can help record driver behavior like frequent stopping, harsh braking, distracted driving, etc. 

A commercial fleet dash cam can provide peace of mind as it helps understand a driver’s behavior. Also, businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles will find dash cam a worthy investment. Such valuable information provided on the dashcam can help train, correct, and eliminate dangerous drivers. 

Dash cams can provide invaluable information about any driver’s habits. For instance, many states and companies have a strict “no mobile phone usage policy” while driving. Enforcing this will only be possible with a dashcam to track the driver. 

  • Might Assist in Insurance Claims 

A dash cam provides first hand info that no one can refute. Such valuable information can save every car owner thousands of dollars in insurance claims. If there is an accident, the driver might not see everything even though the dash cam will capture it. 

With such irrefutable evidence, getting your claim from the insurance company will come as a breeze. Besides, such evidence can prevent anyone from staging or causing a fake accident to obtain insurance benefits.

Insurance companies also love features like this on one’s vehicle. As a result, you can enjoy some discounts with a dashcam in your car. 

Above all, the firsthand evidence you have, which reveals the guilty party should there be an accident, will significantly influence your insurance premiums. 

  • Evidence in an Accident 

While no one plans for an accident, it happens, and looking for who to blame can be an issue. Dash cams are programmed to record once you turn on the ignition, providing better footage for everything around you. As a result, a dash cam offers incredible evidence should there be an accident. 

Many people have had various occurrences where a dash cam has exonerated them from a traffic violation. Many police vehicles also rely on dashcams to provide evidence when there is an allegation against a driver for a traffic offense. 

The presence of a dashcam can help avoid arguments and provide evidence that might be admissible in a court of law. It might be an invaluable tool to defend yourself against accusations or prove that someone else is guilty in a crash. 

  • Could Serve as a Deterrent to Thieves

Another impressive advantage of a dashcam is its ability to deter thieves. Since the cam records in real-time, it transmits the footage to a server where one can easily access the recordings.

Other high-tech features of dash cam that make it incredibly helpful in case of theft are GPS tracking, time-stamp overlays, high-tech LCD screen resolutions, etc. As a result, getting the location of your stolen car will be easy. 

  • Can Help with Driver Training

Bad drivers are one of the most significant risks to transport companies. As a result, drivers invest a lot in training new drivers and correcting unwanted habits in old drivers. Dash cams can prove incredibly helpful in guiding new drivers on the ethics of good driving. 

This is not surprising as a dashcam provides first hand experience of past drivers. Also, it can help point out mistakes from past drivers’ behavior which can guide the new driver’s behavior. It also provides an opportunity to observe the new driver’s behavior, removing the need to be in the vehicle to coach them effectively. 


A dash cam is a little yet worthwhile investment that can save you in many ways. It might be the only witness that can tell the truth and exonerate you should there be any false claim against you while driving. A dash cam can help observe a driver’s behavior and reveal which driver is not obeying the law or following company policy. 

This technology will benefit the company, and the driver can escape false claims and spare themselves from insurance scams.

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