Today in MORPHEUS 8 news, we uncover the secret of MORPHEUS 8 – what is it that makes this the product everyone can use to get the skin of their dreams. With many people on a seemingly futile quest for the perfect product for their skin, or a ‘one size fits all’, but how can we be sure we’ve found that one product that will solve all our skin problems amongst the abundance of copies and fakes? Step forward MORPHEUS 8, the new wonder product, causing quite a stir in the skincare world, and is definitely no exception to the rule of copies. However, what really excites people is the actual “secret sauce” that none of the other devices have. That’s what MORPHEUS 8 does that the others don’t. What is that ground-breaking ingredient that has caused such a buzz in the aesthetic industry? How does it perform under pressure? And what makes MORPHEUS 8 a game-changer?

The Beach Body you’ve Always Wanted: Fractional Skin Resurfacing

This innovative technology uses radio frequency to remodel the skin. It is our first and only full body Fractionated Technology empowering physicians with the ability to provide almost any minimally invasive RF treatment with our new programmable MORPHEUS 8 hand piece. All other resurfacing techniques can only treat one skin condition at a time and may require several treatments because they are susceptible to only the skin level. By inserting micro-needles deep into the dermis, We are able to heat the skin to needed temperatures stimulating collagen 3 months longer then the Thermi with just one treatment. Traditional resurfacing treatments only remove the surface of the skin promoting the skin to heal quickly. However, MORPHEUS 8 technology works below the skin and fuses your skin back together so the surface of your skin is still fully intact. With the traditional method your downtime is much longer.

Skin Tightening Power of Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency – Is it just a fancy word for heat?

MORPHEUS 8 is a device that uses radiofrequency energy. This machine creates a fractionated and deliberate cellular injury where your body has to heal – Repair and tighten all in one. We use radiofrequency in coordination with the MORPHEUS 8 machine to create selective and fractionated heat injury to the skin. Selective fractionated Jun 2016 Radiofrequency Abbreviated recovery of the skin cells causes cellular injury to the fibroblasts in your skin. These cells are responsible for producing the collagen in your skin. Collagen gives the skin its elasticity (tightness), firmness and thickness. Microneedling sounds painful, but the procedure we offer is quite tolerable. By creating the microscopic channels with our special microneedling pen, it also increases absorption of topical products, which increases elastin and collagen as well. By using radiofrequency and, then microneedling, we can improve your laxity (loose skin you can stretch with your fingers) and texture (roughness, fine lines) with one efficient treatment. Radiofrequency also can help remodel your tissue by heating your band of collagen as well.

Unparalleled Microneedling

Why? We like to keep some of our treatments with absolutely no downtime — even with the messy people. Microneedling alone typically has downtime depending on the aggressiveness of your microneedling, but due to the radiofrequency in MORPHEUS 8, this is not the case. Microneedling in MORPHEUS 8 enhances the results obtained by radiofrequency and safely allows for the use of higher energy levels of alternatives that typically would produce post-procedure discomfort.

The Secret Ingredient: Fractionated RF Technology

The key to MORPHEUS 8’s uniqueness and effectiveness is the use of Fractionated RF technology. Fractionate RF technology sends thermal energy deep into the skin at precisely chosen depths in a controlled pattern. This delivers optimal skin rejuvenation with no down-time while minimizing patient discomfort. The combination of the controlled depth with the precision delivery allows it to be highly customizable in treatment, enabling multiple skin issues to be treated at once, including fine lines, deep wrinkles, acne scars, and texture and pigment issues. The system versatility makes it applicable for all skin colors as it does not enhance pigmentation over dark skin or results in hypo-pigmentation or lack of pigmentation in light skin. With only 3 treatments you will see a difference in the surface of your skin, as well as beneath the surface.

This is Perfect for You

MORPHEUS 8 is great for patients who are not ready for a facelift, but would like more than a surgical facial. Patients that have had surgery are also benefiting. No worries, however: you can use this treatment on ANY part of your body! So, contact us (—–) to schedule your personalized treatment and feel as beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside!

What Makes it Special

MORPHEUS 8 is a skincare product that stands apart on its own. It works far beyond than any other product on the market on a couple of levels. It uses an obscure single needle point fractional head to precisely target your skin. It is far superior because nothing else on the market is able to do this and no other company offers this level of service. In addition, MORPHEUS 8 can be used on any skin type, from light to dark, so wherever you’re at you can get the skin you’ve always wanted. MORPHEUS 8 is also the only fractional resurfacing product we are aware of that is not usually limited by your profession. If you are a mess: no one will be able to rise to your level of mess. If you are untidy, there are some things we can do about this!

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