Petaling Jaya, also known as PJ, is a city in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It is a part of the wider Kuala Lumpur metropolitan region one of the major cities in Malaysia. Petaling Jaya is located about 14 kilometres west of Kuala Lumpur.

Petaling Jaya cafe is a dessert lover’s paradise, with a delectable selection of baked products. This includes freshly baked pastries, croissants and delicious cheesecakes. The main sections of PJ are swarming with coffee shops and dessert stores. Many of them are decorated with themed decor and trendy furnishings, making them irresistible to cafe-goers.

Petaling Jaya is known for its thriving cafe culture. There’s a variety of cafes here, with Instagram-worthy decor and crowd favourites, and delicious food. Here are the top 5 cafes in Petaling Jaya. They are known for their aesthetic appeal and gastronomic pleasure.

1. Antipodean Cafe

Antipodean Cafe is the most sought-after coffee house and cafe in Petaling Jaya. It is well-known for its Australian-style brunch and coffee. This place is frequently packed with office workers enjoying a break from their regular day.

The egg benedict is one of the must-try dishes in Antipodean Cafe. The poached eggs, gammon or bacon, English muffins, and hollandaise sauce are common ingredients in this dish. The café will sprinkle some finely chopped fresh chives or parsley on top as a garnish.

In addition, Antipodean Cafe takes pride in its hand-brewed and espresso-based specialty coffee concoctions. The spaciousness and great ambience make it the perfect place to chat with friends over a hot cup of coffee.

2. Rekindle – SS2

Rekindle is a well-known cafe situated in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia’s SS2 district. They serve a good selection of coffee and cakes in dim lighting and a cozy atmosphere. Delicious and fresh bakes cakes include rum cake, red velvet and carrot cake. Rekindle is well-known for its cheesecakes.

The Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Chop is a must-order dish from Rekindle in SS2. This dish combines delicate chicken cutlets with a rich and creamy salted egg yolk sauce. They create a wonderful fusion of Western and Asian flavours. It is usually served with crispy fries or salad as a side dish, making it a filling and well-rounded meal.

In addition, Rekindle is well-known for its specialty coffee selection. They provide a variety of espresso-based beverages, including lattes and cappuccinos made from carefully picked and freshly roasted beans. Coffee lovers will enjoy the cafe’s quality and precision in coffee brewing.

3. A Pie Thing

For all those who fancy sweet cravings, A Pie Thing is the best option in Petaling Jaya! A Pie Thing is a famous pie specialty store. They are known for their wide selection of sweet and savory pies. A Pie Thing also offers a delectable and comfortable dining experience.

The signature Chicken Mushroom Pie of A Pie Thing is a highly recommended dish. The dish offers a rich sauce and a delightful combination of delicate chicken pieces and savory mushrooms. The pie is robust and full, making it a great meal option.

The option to customize your pie is one of A Pie Thing’s attractions. You can customize your pie by selecting your favorite pie crust, filling, and garnishes or sauces.

In addition, A Pie Thing also offers takeaway services, so you can get a pie to go. Whether you’re wanting a savory pie or a sweet treat. A Pie Thing in Petaling Jaya is a must-visit for pie fans.

4. Strangers at 47

There is an award winning cafe called Strangers at 47. They are famous in Petaling Jaya for their roast chicken and specialty coffee. The cafe has a comprehensive menu that caters to a wide range of tastes. There are a variety of big breakfast and brunch options available including French toast, eggs benedict, chicken sandwich and more.

Salted Egg Yolk Chicken Burger is one of the signature dishes in Strangers at 47. This signature dish mixes the decadent flavors of salted egg yolk with a succulent chicken patty. It’s a large and full burger that will fulfil your hunger.

In addition, the cafe features an outdoor dining area where you may eat and drink while taking in the neighborhood atmosphere. It’s an excellent choice for individuals who prefer al fresco dining. Strangers at 47 is a popular choice for brunch and coffee dates since it combines amazing food and specialty coffee.

5. The Glass House

The Glass House is a pleasant and laid-back coffee shop in the heart of Petaling Jaya. This restaurant is renowned for its contemporary and beautiful design. Besides, it features a distinctive layout with floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

Besides that, the chocolate lava cake is a must-try dish at this restaurant. This dessert is a hot chocolate cake. It has melted chocolate at its center and is served with a dollop of ice cream. If you like this kind of dessert, don’t miss it!

In addition, The Glass House is an ideal venue for gatherings such as weddings, business meetings and personal celebrations. The roomy and adaptable layout can handle both small and big groups. The restaurant also has indoor and outdoor setup choices for customers.

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