Heavy metal is a genre that had cult status in the 60s and 70s. Its die-hard fans loved its authenticity and rebelliousness. Over the years, it has had many devoted fans who appreciate its snarling lyrics and aggressive sounds. It has found its way into many areas of society, such as gaming and fashion. 

Influencing gaming culture 

Gaming and heavy metal culture tend to go together. Sound effects play a significant role in video games, as well as in modern desktop and app games. A good soundtrack heighten the players’ immersion and add to the emotional aspect of the games. 

Online casinos today provide slot games with a wide variety of themes. If you’re a heavy metal fan, you can listen to heavy metal and win money at a real money online casino at the same time. 

Guns ‘n Roses is a popular slot by NetEnt launched a couple of months after the band celebrated its 30th birthday. You can listen to nearly all the band’s hits while playing the slot. Motörhead by NetEnt is another slot with music from the legendary metal band. Other popular heavy metal slots are Megadeth, Kiss, and Jimmy Hendrix. 

Intermingling with other music genres

Many musicians and bands over the years have been influenced by heavy metal. Today, metal is intermingling with other music genres – synth metal, psych metal, folk metal, trap metal – you can listen to it all. Chelsea Wolfe is a singer-songwriter who mixes metal with folk/gothic rock. Songs like ‘Feral Love’ and ‘The Waves Have Come’ have dark power. Eskimo Callboy is a German band that mixes metal with electronic dance music.

Lady Gaga and other famous current pop stars have performed with bands like Metallica and shown some metal inspiration in their songs. Even Taylor Swift, who started as a country star, has evolved and explored many different genres, including metal. A few songs on her Reputation album have the darkness and gothic influence of heavy metal. 

Influencing fashion trends

Heavy metal has infiltrated visual culture and fashion. Big brands such as H&M have heavy-metal-inspired t-shirts and jackets in their stores. You may come across a t-shirt with a Black Sabbath image or the type of bomber jacket favored by metal singers. Many designers today gain inspiration from heavy metal to design clothing items and accessories. Leather jackets, tattoos, piercings, and long hair are associated with heavy metal, and much of this has infiltrated today’s fashion trends. 

Various celebrities, such as Justin Bieber and Travis Scott, have been seen wearing heavy metal shirts. When Bieber created specialized merchandise for his Purpose Tour, he used extreme metal artist Mark Riddick to design it. A YouTube audience seeing the celebrities they admire wearing such items wants to wear them too. 

Creating new generations of fans

Fans of heavy metal have a bond that seems to transcend many other barriers, such as age and generation. Those who love listening to top metal bands tend to be part of an extraordinary community. It’s a subculture with many shared values and behaviors. There’s a total devotion to music that’s stronger than in many other genres. Taming the music down to make it more popular isn’t an option. True fans believe that achieving popular appeal comes with a price. 

Improving mental health

The distorted guitar sounds and raging vocals help fans express their frustrations with the world. This can be very cathartic and help the mental health of those who listen to it. According to some psychologists, heavy metal has a way of lessening negative emotions and stress. The energy of the music stimulates physical activity and helps listeners to process their feelings.

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