Millions of Indian citizens have started their job abroad, and this number is increasing every day. There are many reasons for this action, which include: problems with employment, the lack of vacant positions and so on. The main problem is not highly enough paid specialization. This prompted Indians to look for more favorable working conditions. They are looking for jobs all over the world, visiting different countries… In order, they finally chose Abu Dhabi, Qatar to Sharjah. What is the reason for their popularity? The key to the answer lies in their economic development. As an example, let’s talk about Qatar. The job opportunities are incredible here. This is a rich state with a modern well-developed infrastructure. The main branches of industry are oil and gas extraction, oil and gas process, fertilizer production, steelmaking, and cement. The marketing industry is gaining popularity. A high level of GDP per capita of 129000 $ allows many employers to invest in advertising. Moreover, Qatar is connected with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. This became the reason for the spread of the business throughout the world. So why not explore your career options and find a job on Layboard today?

It is worth trying your job potential in remote work. What prospects are opening up for the Hindus?

Given the geographic size, resources and population UAE and India feature frequently in most economic news in the world. Much was expected of India, but despite economic growth of 7.2% in the last quarter, the Indian economy hasn’t experienced the spectacular explosion that the UAE has. With a population of around 1,3 million people, India is expected to become the fastest growing economy again. However, data and realities are weighing on the growth of the Indian economy. There are a lot of educated citizens. But there aren’t enough conditions for a well-paid job, according to their knowledge of the current field. Moreover, not all of the population has access to the Internet. As a statistic shows, only 30% of Indian citizens have access to the Internet although the number is expected to increase significantly over the next four years. Despite this fact, India is still soughing to educate a universal person, who understands what the world’s beauty, traditions, prosperity, and perfection are for humans. Indians are devoted to work in various fields of science that interest them. They are passionate about creativity and determined about their job. That is why they are looking for better working conditions abroad and they are using to find the best vacancy. It isn’t a very quick process, but it is worth trying. This is a huge chance to get a good job, have a wanted salary and to prove as an intelligent person, because Qatar’s freelance occupation is full of new technologies, programs, etc. So, the first thing you need to do if you want to move to the UAE/Qatar is to create your resume and prepare the needed documents. As usual, many companies review resumes very quickly – up to about only 6 seconds. Therefore, try to immediately indicate the most important, interesting information about yourself… and you will be pleased.

Getting ready for the first Remote Job Interview. The main thing for the future worker

Modern interviews are mostly often online meetings between the employer and the applicant. This is a great opportunity for both parties to save their own time, material resources, and efforts. A remote dialogue greatly supplies this process. But it is stressful for the job seekers. That is why we prepared some tips for this action:

1. Make a first impression

Try to be polite and use an official business style in the speech

2. Show your confidence

Firmly and decisively speaking is a way to show your oratory skills.

3. Show an interest

Ask questions, listen carefully to the answers, and show the desire for the job in this industry and the position.

4. Create a good environment

You should check the place near you. There is an organized space around you. You have to collect things that can distract attention and prepare to make up your place for the official conversation. Pay attention to the lightning. It is important to ensure that your face is well-illuminated for the employer.

5. Provide a good connection

It is needed to be sure about the quality of the internet. It must be strong and reliable. Find the opportunity to sit in a quiet place, where there isn’t noise or disturbance to people.

6. Show amazing program skills

The online dialogue between two people is a great opportunity to demonstrate computer, software, video communication, and other technical abilities of your own. You can use many popular programs, like Skype, Zoom, and Google Meet. All of them are provided in a lot of countries around the world.

7. Prepare for the possible questions

Learn about the company and the position for typical interview questions. Then search for this information as possible, by using the official company’s website. You should answer confidently and clearly demonstrate knowledge and intelligence in this occupation.

After this action, express own gratitude for the given opportunity to attend this job conversation. Show as much respect as you can to the employer and a huge interest in this field.

Let’s think about your appearance? Does this matter for success in the virtual interviews? The key to this question is “Yes”. After all, our clothes and hairstyle should attract us.


Our pieces of advice will help you to find a dream job and get the first working day. On this day you should get to know about the environment and get used to the job timetable. Don’t forget the information that was said at your first job interview, it is very important because the company has given you this position for one of the reasons from this conversation. Deal with needed programs, and office equipment. If you have problems, you can ask colleagues. It is getting closer to the job collective. And you will see professional growth. Just take a step forward for future success!

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