Some decades ago, patients could have had to go physically to their local dentist for some of their questions to be answered. However, with the advancement of technology, patients can get their questions answered and get local dentists near them quickly. The mouth and teeth, to be specific, are an important part of your well-being. Having a healthy tooth enhances your overall health; for instance, if your teeth are not in good shape, it will impact how you feel about your overall health. The article below will discuss how to use online tools to get more information about your dental health. According to dr Taher dentist, having online dental services doesn’t mean you stop visiting your local dentists; you still need to have dental clinics but with the idea of what will happen. 

  • Tele dentistry

It is an online dental service that allows dentists and patients to meet in real time, even in different locations. Online consultation minimizes the costs and time and is convenient for the patient and the dentist. However, the dentist must establish a good relationship with the patient and ensure that they provide solutions that meet their clinical requirements. The dentist should not forget to follow guidelines regarding the patients’ details, personal communication, and privacy of information. In addition, the patient should know the disadvantages of online consultation, as some dentists offer the best services during face-to-face consultations. The tele dentistry can be used in three main ways: – 

  1. Consultation between the dentists
  2. Real time face to face video conferencing between a dentist and the patient 
  3. Remote monitoring of the patient 

Teledentistry can be used in various ways, including diagnosis, oral surgery, orthodontics, and pediatric dentistry. 

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  • Online consultation limitations 

Everything normally has its advantages and limitations, and teledentistry is no exception. Online consultation has limitations in disease diagnosis and evaluation of patients’ problems. The difficulty in assessing the dental soft tissue, especially in the oral cavity, would be a limitation to online consultation as the dentist cannot evaluate the tissue well. In addition, the image quality, internet accessibility, and patient considerations like the ability to connect to the software for real-time video conferencing consultations. Due to the limitations above, dr taher dentist encourages the use of both online and face-to-face consultation as it would impact the patient’s dental health. However, patients are advised to have the integration of both for proper assessment of their teeth. 


Currently, due to the advancement of technology, teledentistry is a convenient way to reach customers on a large scale. Most patients prefer online consultations as they can be done from anywhere. However, considering your health, one needs to go and see the doctor in person so that the dentist can check the soft tissues in the mouth. In addition, one is encouraged to have both but in intervals to have the best dental experience. The industry needs more alternatives to provide safer consultation by reducing the burden of the clinics, especially during a crisis such as Covid 19. 


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