Frank Sinatra, with his “velvet” voice, beloved by millions of women, had a huge influence on the development of modern culture. Hundreds of hitherto popular compositions have come out from under his hands, and Sinatra himself has been awarded the Grammy Award nine times.

In this article, we will tell you some interesting facts about this legendary artist.


Sinatra’s impeccable style was instilled in him from childhood. Even when the period later called the “Great Depression” began in the United States, his mother found the means to dress her son “to the nines.”

An Obscene Film

One of the biographical books claims that Sinatra in 1935 took part in the filming of a very obscene film, which was called “The Masked Bandit”. As the name suggests, the main character’s face has always been hidden behind a mask. Later, when Sinatra became rich and famous, he connected mafia acquaintances in order to get rid of the film that disgraced him forever.

The Star of Las Vegas

Sinatra’s fees were calculated in amounts with six zeros, but everything ends sooner or later. By the mid-60s, one has to forget about all-American fame. The public has new idols.

But Frank Sinatra still performs in his beloved Las Vegas, where his path to fame once began. The most prestigious nightclubs and casinos of Sin City dream of having a venerable singer on their stages.Frank Sinatra loved the casino atmosphere more than anyone else. But with live casino online, the casino atmosphere is now available to everyone online, right at your home.

But the singer only works with the Sands Hotel-Casino. Where he first performed back in 1953. Built, like all other similar facilities, with mafia money, the hotel was one of the most fashionable gambling establishments. Millionaires, Hollywood stars, politicians and, of course, the mafiosi themselves stayed here.

To keep Sinatra in their hotel, the owners, in addition to generous fees, allow the singer, an avid gambler, to play on credit on card tables, roulette and slot machines. They allow you to use restaurants and bars for free. And they turn a blind eye to the singer’s growing debts.


One day, one of the residents of the United States sent a letter to the FBI, where he claimed that the enemies of the state wanted to create a new Hitler on American territory, and therefore it was necessary to carefully monitor Frank Sinatra. But the dossier on the singer was opened for other reasons. The bureau was interested in Sinatra’s possible connections with the underworld, as well as the fact that the artist could pay doctors to get out of military service.


In 1938, Sinatra was arrested for trying to seduce a legally married girl. Although the case was soon closed.


Frank Sinatra always said that only the fair sex and James Bond can drink Martinis. All the bartenders in the establishments where the idol of millions liked to go knew perfectly well that Frankie preferred Jack Daniels.

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