How do I check for bots among my followers in my Instagram account? There are third-party services and tools for this.

How to recognize bots among Instagram followers

Why is it important to regularly clean your profile of bots and spammers among your followers?

Many novice Instagram users do not pay attention to bots in their followers, or even promote the account by attracting bots.

You’d think, what’s the big deal? After all, with more subscribers the account looks more solid. And who would guess that most of them are bots and spammers, no one will rummage through thousands of subscribers, checking everyone.

It is best not to use free services where you can get bots instead of followers for Instagram. The paid site has separate services for members. You can even find views and likes for YouTube, Tik Tok and Telegram channels and accounts.

It’s a misconception that often ruins the life of an account just starting out. 

With Instagram’s current algorithms, the number of followers is not directly proportional to how actively the account will be promoted by the platform. The only thing that matters is the percentage of active people in the total number. That is, if you have 1,000 followers, and only 50-60 of them are active – Instagram will rarely recommend you to people, and your posts will find themselves at the bottom of the feed.

The index of activity in Instagram is called ER (Engagement Rate), or engagement rate. It’s very simple to calculate – the amount of likes and comments on the last post is divided by the number of followers and multiplied by 100%. If you want a more extensive analysis take the arithmetic average for the last 10-15 posts.

The more inactive subscribers you have, the worse the ER. And you certainly can’t call bots active subscribers.

Look at the screenshots below: after clearing of bots, the percentage of accounts that saw the publications increases.

Also, purging bots has a favorable effect on post activity. The more of your live audience sees your post, the more actions are taken in relation to it.

By the way, to increase the real audience of your Instagram profile in the form of followers, then let’s use the service This solution allows you to get from 100 likes and views. Use this for Telegram, YouTube and Tik Tok as well.

How to determine if there are bots

You need to carefully monitor your statistics. You can do this with the help of special services, or you can switch to business account mode and open the statistics in Instagram itself.

Pay particular attention to the reach and growth of subscriptions. If it happens in sudden jerks, then most likely someone is tapping bots on your account. Some unscrupulous competitors do this, when they want to lower someone’s ER and thereby lower him in the top.

If you actively use massfollowing as a promotion tool, keep track of your followers. It is better to sort out all the suspicious ones in a timely manner, so that they do not accumulate and have time to seriously affect the statistics. It is better to use not massfollowing, but masssliking and massluking. The result will not be as noticeable, but there will be more live subscribers.

What are the signs of a bot

The absence of an avatar, a non-original nickname, an empty or closed profile. It may not mean anything individually, but if the three points are the same, you’re probably dealing with a bot. 

Comments with advertising. If someone writes newsletters under your posts, then you can be sure – it’s done by a spam bot. Stories of such commenters about how they began to make millions by clicking on the link – nonsense. Clean them out as quickly as possible.

Some business accounts use massfollowing to gather an audience. They’re not bots, but they’re no more useful. The best solution is to unsubscribe them, ridding the profile of “dead weight”.

Analysis and cleaning

Analysis can be done manually or with the help of services that clean your account automatically.  Let’s look at both options.

Manual cleaning of the account

If there are few subscribers and the activity is not bad, then you can analyze the account yourself. Focusing on the criteria outlined above, you can check each account. This is quite a painstaking process that takes a lot of time. 

Services to clean the Instagram account from bots

There are services that automate all the machinations that you do.


It will perform a check and purge the account in a few minutes: 

  • Analyzes your audience. 
  • Adjusts the list of accounts based on your preferences.
  • Clears the account.

It also provides protection against bot attacks and spam comments. Test analysis can be done for pennies. The test must be done within three days of payment. After three days, the subscription will automatically be activated at full price. The subscription can be canceled at any time.

An English-language service also geared solely towards clearing your account. It is free to try. For regular use, you can buy a monthly subscription or pay once and use the service indefinitely.


This is a service for comprehensive account promotion. It can collect and filter audiences, provide detailed analytics and account reporting, and block bots.  

You can only use the entire service, you can not pay separately and use only bot clearing. You can try the Zeus service for free.

How to avoid bot and spam attacks

It is not enough just to clean bots, because they will come again if certain worlds are not taken. How to avoid it?

Do massfollowing more carefully. After each visit, check for new followers. If you can’t check Instagram that often, or if you just don’t want to risk it, use massfollowing and masslucking along with massfollowing.

Don’t click on suspicious links. Even such a seemingly harmless action can turn into not only an invasion of bots and spam, but also account hacking.

Do not use #followback, #like4like and similar hashtags: they are often used by commercial accounts, bots, and spam. Also, do not use millionaire tags, as there will be no live subscribers from them.

Respond promptly. Some bots are followed by others. Spammers often duplicate comments, and if you just delete them, new ones will appear.

Don’t spoof bots yourself. Seriously, don’t.

How to promote your Instagram account

After all the caveats, a logical question arises – then how to promote your Instagram account?

It all depends on how much free time you have. It is possible to promote an account for free, but it will take a lot of time and effort. 

A quicker solution is to promote your account for a fee. Allocate a certain amount per month, not necessarily a large amount, which you will definitely invest in promotion. The money can be spent on advertising (with other bloggers or in Instagram itself), on special services for promoting and cleaning the account or on the work of an SMM specialist. 

The main thing is to approach the matter with love. An Instagram account is not something that can be completely transferred to other people or services. Colorful photos, enjoyable posts, communication with readers – it’s all solely under your control.

Create an interesting image for yourself, introduce your unique rubric or other chip, interact with other bloggers. Be interesting and subscribers will find you!

Services and programs to get followers on Instagram: Massliking and Massfollowing

How to get “live” followers on Instagram? Not empty bots, but real people who will like you, comment and buy your products/services?  One of the proven ways of such promotion is massliking and massfollowing services and programs in Instagram. So you can promote both a personal blog and a business page on Instagram.

What is Massliking and Massfollowing on Instagram

Do you want your Instagram account to subscribe and like other accounts by itself, without your participation? Or maybe you’ve seen yourself being subscribed to by accounts that sell everything? This is it, the very same, native massfollowing (or massliking, for the purpose of action – the same thing). It’s still an effective promotional tool. But, if you do not want to be just another imposing account, which do not pay attention, then try as well as possible to select the base for massfollowing. Then you will not like it in vain and it will be faster to get subscribers on Instagram. How? Read on.

Programs and services for getting followers on Instagram

For starters, here’s a link to massliking and massfollowing services (programs) that will tirelessly like and follower on behalf of your Instagram account day and night, as well as watch Storis:

The secrets of successful massfollowing: how to gain followers

Advance preparation

Prepare your Instagram account. No matter how many people you follow, no one will subscribe to you back if you’re boring or full of “buy!” in every post. If you have a store account, then make sure you have both selling and entertaining posts, not just a catalog of products, make a content plan. If you’re a blogger, the top posts need your photo – people want to see who they subscribe to.

Prepare a list of hashtags. The program/service will like and subscribe to those who put those hashtags. For example, if you have a sports nutrition store, the hashtags should be #sport #fitness #jock #zog (not #sportpit #protein #fat burner – such hashtags are put by your competitors, not customers).

Gather a list of your competitors. The program can subscribe to their followers, likes and commenters (or all together). Pay attention not only to your competitor’s follower count, but also to the number of likes/commenters. If there are few likes and many subscribers, then the account is cheated, and its subscribers are mostly “dead souls” (although the likes are also not an indicator, they are often cheated). Open list of subscribers, do they look like real people?

Pick up stop words. These are the words in the accounts description and posts that you don’t want to subscribe to. For example, #store #delivery #votsap, etc. Your list of stop words will grow as the service/program for massake works. That way you can filter the base you collect by hashtags and competitors.

Start Masslucking. It’s a new 2020 trick – mass viewing Storis on behalf of your account. The person will be interested in who watched their Stories and will probably subscribe to you if they like the account.

To avoid getting your account blocked (Instagram limits)

You should not like, subscribe, comment every second… This is not typical of a “living” person and you will be sent to ban for a while (blocking), or may be blocked forever. The good news is that many mass-following services have already taken into account the limitations. You will either be prevented from liking/following more than you can, or they will write a hint about what the limits and restrictions are.

If you have a very new account (up to 3 months), then massfollowing is better not to use at all and do everything manually. Don’t sign up everyone, but do it as if you had a “regular” account. Fill it up and use free promotion methods.

An important point in the work of programs/services for recruiting followers to Instagram. You can’t like/comment/subscribe from your phone and use mass liking at the same time. Otherwise, Instagram will see it and suspect something wrong. Or ban you for a week, or block you for good. But you can make posts. What can you do? Many services/programs of massfollowing can be set to work on a schedule and select in advance the time when the massfollowing will not work, and you will be able to comment, like and subscribe yourself from the phone. Or you can go in and put a pause on your own.

How much does massfollowing cost

Prices range from 1000 to 2000 per month. Sometimes if you buy several months at once – cheaper, and in some services you can buy 1-3 days “to try”. Massfollowing can be in the form of a service where you do all the settings on the site. Or it can be in the form of a program that you put on your computer. Services are often cheaper.

How quickly can I get followers on Instagram

On average, you can get between 15 and 50 new followers a day with massfollowing. But that’s all assuming that you have prepared and set up everything correctly (see above)! No one will subscribe to you back if your account has one weird photo, or conversely, a bunch of obscure photos. And if you don’t pick up stop-words, you’ll be subscribing to bots and stores that definitely won’t reciprocate (unless you’re offering B2B, of course).

Massfollowing is not the way to get 10,000 subscribers in a month. It’s just not technically possible (because of the subscription limit). If you need such a number, you either have to add subscribers – buy bots and offers, or publish great content and invest a lot of money in bloggers/stars PR and targeting ads.

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