Gowns are a regal choice for special occasions that will help you look elegant and stand out at any event. Whether you’re attending a work party or a wedding, there are many styles and types of gowns that you can opt for a flattering look. However, shopping for occasion wear can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding the right style and fit that also matches the theme of the event. Sounds like a lot? We’re here to help! From indo-western fusion styles to trending mermaid-style silhouettes, keep reading as this guide will help you find your dream gown with the tips and tricks for the best shopping experience. 

Finding Your Dream Gown: 

  1. Picking The Perfect Style
  • The style of your dream gown will depend on many factors such as body type, temperature, and venue. 
  • Ensure that the style suits your body shape and accentuates your best features. Fit-and-flare styles are ideal for the apple and pear type, bodycon for hourglass, and peplum or mermaid styles look best on rectangular types. 
  • You also need to keep in mind the weather and venue as they will dictate the fabrics you can choose. Chiffon, georgette, and cotton will be lightweight and breathable, while wool and velvet will help keep you warm. Fabrics like silk and satin are suitable for most temperatures. 
  • If you will be travelling, wrinkle-resistant fabrics such as chiffon, crepe, velvet, and linen will be your best bet. Avoid gowns with additional pieces such as belts or jackets as they could be misplaced during travel. 
  • The style also needs to match the dress code and theme of the event. For example, tailored and fitted silhouettes are ideal for formal wear, while romantic and flowy looks are best for weddings and festive occasions. 
  1. Timing

Plan your gown shopping well in advance and allow time for fittings, exchange, styling, or any alterations. Buying a month in advance is recommended and gives you time to find the right accessories. If you are purchasing the gown even before, you will have to ensure your weight does not fluctuate and that the gown is stored properly. 

  1. Budget 

Like most occasion wear, gowns tend to be expensive and you should set a budget before beginning the shopping process. While it is not ideal to go overboard, investing in a good quality garment will help you wear it over and over again. Find the right balance between your budget and the quality that makes you and your wallet happy. 

  1. Try on

You should create a checklist before trials to ensure you don’t get lost in the moment. Here are things you should take note of:   

  • The fit should not be tight or loose, it should hug you just right, allowing you to move around. Lift your arms and bend over to touch your toes to ensure it is not restricting. 
  • Make sure the fabric lining is smooth and does not scratch your skin. Any loose threads or embellishments may seem a minor inconvenience but may irritate after long wear. 
  • Try the jewellery and footwear you plan to wear with the gown to ensure they don’t snag the fabric and suit you best. 
  1. Match It

Make sure the gown matches the theme and colour scheme of the event as it shows respect towards the hosts. If you wish to wear the gowns for multiple events, stick to neutral tones such as beige or muted pinks that you can style to match different themes with jewellery and accessories. 

  1. How To Find The Right Brands:

Several brands offer different designs and the best way to pick the right brand for you is looking at their collection as a whole. See what defines the brand – for example, if you want a modern gowns, opting for a brand with a Western aesthetic will be your best bet. Another key factor to consider is the website you choose. While comparing prices and buying the cheapest option makes the most sense, many phishing or scam sites may put a damper on your shopping experience. Read reviews online and make sure you are buying from trusted websites that have a good track record. 

  1. Keeping It Ready

Once you’ve your dream gown, ensure it is in peak condition before the event. Gowns are usually delivered in perfect condition but can develop wrinkles after trials or being in the closet for too long. Iron or steam the gown back to its original condition and add back the padding or tissue to help it look fresh when you wear it. 


Shopping for gowns is a fun experience as it adds to the anticipation of special occasions and events. One of the key factors to consider is body type and how you can create the most flattering silhouettes. Fabrics and embellishments should be picked depending on the venue and occasion. Trials are an important part of the gown-buying process and should not be skipped. 

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