If you have been getting spam calls, texts, or any life-threatening phone calls from anonymous numbers, you need an exceptional Reverse Phone Lookup service. Unknown calls are usual these days; some ignore the calls, and others hang up. 

Not returning the scammer’s calls is good, but what if it’s an emergency business call? Failing to receive the call could cost you significantly! To help you find out whose number it is, the top 10 online reverse phone lookup solutions are listed below:

  • USPhoneSearch – One of the best sites for free reverse phone number lookups in the USA.
  • USPhoneLookup – An in-depth phone number lookup platform.
  • USPhoneBook – The best and most free phone lookup by an unknown number.
  • CocoFinder – An outstanding Reverse Phone Lookup solution.
  • BeenVerified – The best tool for single reports.
  • Spokeo – The best solution for spotting classmates, relatives, and friends.
  • PhoneNumberLookupFree – An optimum solution for quick phone number searches.
  • NumLooker – A Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup platform.
  • PeopleFinders – Easy-to-use reverse phone number lookup tool.
  • Truthfinder – Well-known for its free lookup service.

       1. USPhoneSearch

If you’re searching for the best phone lookup solution in the USA, look no further than USPhoneSearch! This premium tool processes approximately 9 million inquiries monthly and recovers data from comprehensive databases. 

USPhoneSearch uses public sources and official government archives to retrieve all the details. So, you can count on this reverse phone lookup tool to fetch pertinent details on unknown numbers, whether a cell phone or a landline. It can help crosscheck a number owner’s identity with a click only. 

The phone number directory is one of the best services provided by USPhoneSearch. According to the area code that emerges when someone calls you, the phone number directory here will help identify which area someone is calling from. For example, if it’s New York, the area code will be 212; if it’s Michigan, the code will be 231.  


  • The platform is super-fast.
  • You can get a prudent phone lookup.
  • Free limitless searches.


  • Only US residents can use this tool.   

       2.  USPhoneLookup

This platform offers complimentary phone lookups on any number, whether a traditional landline or a smartphone. All thanks to its robust search engine, and effortless interface, you can unveil a contact number owner in a jiffy. 

You may look up a contact number by its area code in the USA. If you’re searching for anyone’s identity, including name, job status, address, social media handles, and other information, you can quickly obtain it through USPhoneLookup searches. 


  • Instant query processing.
  • Web-based platform.
  • Its reports contain social profiles, names, and employment history.
  • Simple user interface.
  • Accurate and super-fast results.


  • Its website has a limited number of customer support teams. 

       3. USPhoneBook

USPhoneBook is a free phone lookup solution for searching out an unknown number. You may use this tool to detect scammers and calls from unknown numbers utilizing their registered office, home, landline, or mobile lines. Here, you can perform searches without risk because your IP address will be kept private and hidden. 

You may verify a phone number on the web more rapidly and for no cost. USPhoneBook gathers search results from different public resources to detect anyone’s age, address, aliases, and more. So, you can expect 100% accurate data!


  • User-friendly interface.
  • 100% secured privacy.
  • Cell phone and landline lookups. 


  • Limited to USA residents only. 

        4. CocoFinder

It’s one of the most outstanding services for carrying out a reverse phone lookup. On this website, you can access everything without spending any money or signing up to browse. Simply enter the number and press the search button to get started. 

CocoFinder will scour the public database and present all the necessary details against the phone number. One of its streamlined features includes conducting a background lookup on anyone once you have discovered their profile via their contact number. It will reveal someone’s criminal details as well!


  • Updated and pertinent data.
  • Exhibits search results quickly.
  • Limitless reverse phone lookup searches.


  • No mobile application.  

       5. BeenVerified

With BeenVerified, the best reverse phone number lookup solution, you can carry out this lookup by providing a person’s name, email ID, and contact number. With this phone lookup solution, you can quickly discover where scam phone calls are coming from, find out the scammer, and more.  

As BeenVerified’s reverse phone lookup service fetches information from blog posts and social media profiles, it counts heavily on authentic sources, including official databases from state, federal, and local authorities. 


  • It has a designated mobile application.
  • SSL encryption is used to protect users’ data.


  • It’s not a free tool. 
  • Registration is a must to use this tool. 

      6. Spokeo

Spokeo is a one-stop location allowing users to discover people’s identities using their names and contact numbers. One of the most innovative features of Spokeo is it reports a person’s details, including marriage anniversary and birthday, along with their wealth details. 

Through Spokeo’s fast search, users can unveil the caller’s identity within seconds. But to get the caller’s details, unlocking the premium package is a must.


  • FCRA-compliant.
  • Hassle-free site navigation.
  • Free trials are available.
  • Quick customer service.
  • Assured confidentiality.
  • Several ways to detect someone’s identity. 


  • It may sometimes exhibit older information.
  • It needs sign-ups and a fee for in-depth results. 

      7. PhoneNumberLookupFree

Are you looking for the best platform for the fastest phone number searches? If yes, consider using PhoneNumberLookupFree. This tool provides users quick access to details about other individuals. But it doesn’t compromise user privacy! 

The search procedure itself is legitimate because the public has unrestricted ownership of the material it gathers and displays. Addresses, phone numbers, dwellings, as well as details about a person’s health and income may all be included in the information obtained.

The highlights of this tool’s reverse phone number lookup service are area codes, quick searches, and simplicity.


  • Quick access to vast legal public records.
  • Simple and clean UI.
  • Instant search processes.


  • It might show several unnecessary details.  
  1. NumLooker

It’s a free reverse phone number lookup platform letting you look up phone numbers and unveils anonymous callers without the need to sign up. 

Being a free and top-notch number lookup tool, NumLooker helps you reveal the caller’s complete name, criminal history, relatives, employment history, academic background, and more. 

To verify the target phone number, you must type the contact number in the search field and hit “Search now.” 


  • Credible search results.
  • Free tool.
  • Top-notch security features.
  • You don’t need to sign up.
  • Hassle-free to use.
  • The tool is available on the go. 


  • Unresponsive customer care.

     8. PeopleFinder 

PeopleFinder is the premium business directory used to provide details about several businesses. The comprehensive report includes business websites, addresses, email IDs, and contact numbers. 

Despite presenting business details, PeopleFinder offers reverse phone lookup solutions to unveil a person’s identity. It provides customers with a substitute way of searching for business details by acting as a major online directory. Hence, it’s not required to search for more information on different websites. 


  • It provides business details through a business directory.
  • You can get information about anyone as it scours the public record.
  • 100% legit platform.
  • It’s easy to use and accessible.


  • The people search is restricted as it’s highly focused on business profiles. 
  1. Truthfinder

It’s a top-notch reverse phone lookup platform providing numerous lookup service features and reports. You may also look up your contact number to discover outdated social profiles if you have to handle your digital prominence. 

The reports from Truthfinder include name, email ID, contact numbers, job history, educational background, financial condition, genealogy, criminal reports, and social media profiles. It uses an innovative dark web scan to gather a more profound dataset than other phone lookup tool providers. 


  • User-friendly platform interface.
  • Precise details with several reporting options.
  • Improvements to the distinctive dark web scan database.


  • No individualized reports; subscription required.


Every person may find a ton of information regarding them online. At the same time, this can make us worry about the privacy of our data. It also indicates that you can find out anything about somebody very rapidly. Because our phones have evolved into expansions of ourselves, having someone’s phone number offers you access to a wealth of information about them. 

A reverse phone number lookup is unquestionably the finest option to examine someone’s past or determine their identity quickly. So, consider one of these reverse phone lookup tools mentioned above, and let it discover every piece of information about the person you’re getting calls from.

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