Casket handles are an essential part of a casket. They not only provide a way for pallbearers to safely move and transport the casket, but they also can add an element of personalization to the casket. In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about casket handles, from the types available to the various materials used in their construction. Whether you’re selecting a casket for a loved one or looking to make a meaningful addition to one you already own, this post will provide you with all the information you need about casket handles.

Table of Contents

  1. Different Types of Casket Handles
  2. How to Choose the Right Casket Handle
  3. The Importance of Quality
  4. The Benefits of Customization
  5. Final Thoughts

Different Types of Casket Handles

Casket handles come in various styles, materials, and colors. The style of the casket handle can affect the overall look and feel of the casket and help to express the sentiment of the ceremony. Some of the most popular types of casket handles are wooden handles, metal handles, and fabric handles. 

Wooden Handles

Wooden handles are often used to express a more traditional or classic look. Many families opt for wooden handles because they are timeless and lend an air of respect and dignity to the service. 

Metal Handles 

Metal handles are usually brass or stainless steel and provide a sleek and sophisticated look. These handles are durable and are often used for more modern funerals. They also come in various colors and styles to match the aesthetic of the service. 

Fabric Handles 

Fabric handles are becoming increasingly popular due to their soft feel and unique look. These handles are often made from satin or velvet, which provides an elegant yet subtle look that is perfect for a sad occasion. They come in many colors and designs to customize the look of your casket. 

No matter what type of casket handle you choose, make sure it is sturdy and able to support the weight of the casket. Casket handles are an important part of expressing respect and dignity at a funeral service, so make sure you choose one that fits the occasion.

How to Choose the Right Casket Handle

When selecting a casket handle, there are a few key points to consider. First, you’ll want to think about the type of handles that you need. There are two main types of casket handles: swing bar handles and drop bar handles. Swing bar handles are long bars attached to the casket on either side. These handles are great for lifting and maneuvering the casket because they provide more support and stability. Drop bar handles, on the other hand, are individual bars installed on each end of the casket. They are easier to install but may be less secure when lifting or carrying the casket. 

The second point to consider is the material of the handle. Typically, casket handles are made from metal, such as brass or steel. It’s essential to choose a material that is strong and durable enough to withstand the weight of the casket. 

The Importance of Quality

When choosing casket handles, it’s essential to make sure you select the highest quality product. This is not just a matter of appearance. Quality casket handles can have a major impact on the stability and security of the entire casket. Poor quality handles could cause the casket to be unstable or could lead to premature breakage or damage.

Casket handles can be made from various materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. Metal handles should be rust-resistant and should have a good finish that will last over time. Plastic handles should be strong and durable enough to handle the weight of the casket. Wooden handles should be made from solid wood and adequately treated and sealed to protect against moisture and rot.

Finally, look for quality craftsmanship when choosing casket handles. Make sure that the handle is firmly attached to the casket and that it can hold up to normal wear and tear without breaking. The best way to ensure you get the highest quality casket handles is to buy from a reputable manufacturer or supplier with a proven track record of producing quality products.

The Benefits of Customization

Customization can add a unique touch to any casket, and choosing the right handles for your loved one’s final resting place can be an essential part of the grieving process. Not only can it be comforting to have something special that reflects your beloved’s personality, but you may also find it beneficial to customize the handles of a casket.

One of the critical benefits of customizing casket handles is that it provides a way to make the coffin look more personal. You can choose the style, design, and finish of the handles to match the rest of the funeral’s decorations and make the coffin more personalized. This can be particularly helpful if you are going with a themed funeral and want all of the decorations to match.

Customizing casket handles can add a personal touch to any funeral service, allowing you to create a more fitting tribute to your loved one. With so many materials, styles, and finishes available, there are plenty of ways to create a truly unique and meaningful memorial.

Final Thoughts

Casket handles may be a small detail, but they are a critical element of the overall funeral design. They come in various styles and materials, allowing customization to fit the deceased’s personality and taste. Quality is essential when choosing casket handles, as a poorly-made handle can quickly break or deteriorate. When making your selection, consider the style, size, and material, as well as any customization options. With careful consideration, you can ensure that the casket handle not only looks good but also lasts for years to come.

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