In the cryptocurrency community, many people have noticed the unexpected rise in NFTs in 2021. NFTs have opened up a wide range of options for developers, creators, digital artists, platforms, businesses, and gamers because of their high costs, which include multimillion-dollar purchases. Therefore, there is a huge need for trained NFT staff in the crypto employment market. 

Employers seek trained specialists to help with NFT creation and efficient marketing strategies. This aims to target the appropriate audience as many organizations enter the NFT area to investigate possible advantages. Therefore, the need for qualified NFT professionals has become more obvious in this rapidly expanding industry.

How can you become a NFT professional?

Several reasons exist to become NFT expert and explore job opportunities across various sectors. Therefore, to become a certified professional in NFT and receive expert guidance, you must follow a well-defined path. Before pursuing an NFT certification course, it is crucial to establish a strong foundation in the fundamentals. Firstly, gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT basics. Secondly, learn about their unique characteristics, real-world use cases. Thirdly, and most importantly, explore training courses that delve into NFT examples to enhance your knowledge.

After establishing a strong foundation in NFT fundamentals, the next step is selecting a suitable certification program. Because the industry is still very new, there may not be many reliable NFT certificates available. But platforms like 101 Blockchains provide an excellent alternative. 101 Blockchains offers a specialized CNFTP certification course for individuals interested in NFTs. By obtaining this NFT course and certification, you can become valuable partners for enterprises seeking NFT expertise. 

What job roles can you pursue as an NFT professional?

With the NFT industry growing rapidly, NFT professionals can receive many job opportunities. Currently, a lot of developers are focusing on gaming NFTs. At the same time, high-end businesses and social media platforms are also making their way in this field. With all these advancements in the NFT environment, where can one find a potential career in NFT? You can find solutions in the recently growing NFT career fields like NFT designers, NFT developers, NFT business developers, and 3D artists. 

NFTs can assist businesses attempting to take advantage of the metaverse’s potential by boosting customer engagement. So, if you seek employment with an NFT Certification, you can find promising career opportunities with organizations developing metaverse solutions. You can work in several significant fields, including digital content, sports collectibles, metaverse platforms, NFT marketplaces, DeFi solutions, etc.

Moreover, you can apply your NFT experience in various fields based on your interests, showing that your NFT job is versatile. As an NFT professional, you can pursue various conventional job roles in blockchain-based projects. This includes job roles like Blockchain developer, Ethereum developer, Smart contract developer, Blockchain consultant, and Blockchain architect.

Certified NFT professional certification 

After knowing about possible job prospects available for NFT professionals, you should focus on the Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP) certification. You can choose the CNFTP certification to help you improve your skills in the NFT ecosystem. It is the ideal option for someone looking to boost their career in this field. Moreover, you can get in-depth coverage of NFT basics, tokens, and Ethereum. You also learn more about the advantages and use cases of NFT. 

CNFTP certification is proof of your passion for studying NFTs. Choosing a training course for studying NFT is an excellent way to enhance your career. With the best NFT certification and test objectives, 101 Blockchains supports the career growth of qualified NFT professionals. You get expert guidance from experienced teachers in using NFTs for various applications. Further, the platform offers training for improving your own NFT trading skills and your personal NFT project or collection.


The career opportunities available for a certified NFT expert demonstrate the promising growth potential in the NFT field. Numerous companies are actively exploring various applications of NFTs to make the most out of their advantages. By engaging with reputable training and certification providers like 101 Blockchains, you can unlock high prospects in NFT learning and certification. Start advancing your knowledge of NFTs and its use cases from 101 Blockchains and establish a career as an NFT professional right now. 

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