Perhaps you realize that lab diamonds are becoming highly popular. But this may lead you to wonder if it is possible for the man-made diamond to be crafted into different sizes and shapes. The answer is a solid yes. That means that just as natural diamonds from mines are able to be developed into various sizes as well as diverse shapes, the same proves to be true for any man-made diamond as well. You will discover if you click here to learn more regarding the details of a diamond that is created in a lab. To learn more,

Lab diamonds have the same chemical structure as diamonds that are mined

The chemical structure of natural diamonds from a mine is the same as the chemical structure of diamonds that are produced in a lab. Due to the identical chemical structure, lab diamonds are able to easily be crafted into the same distinctive shapes and sizes as natural diamonds. With this being the case, this contributes to making lab diamonds truly desirable and great options for those who want diamonds that are more affordable and sustainable.

Lab diamonds come in the same shapes as regular natural diamonds

It is interesting to see so many lovely shapes of lab diamonds on the market there at Rare Carat. Yes, these diamonds come in the same vast assortment of shapes as diamonds from a mine. Therefore, if you have a preference for a certain shape for your prized diamond gem, you will certainly be able to find it among the fine-quality lab diamonds that are offered by Rare Carat.

Lab diamonds come in many sizes

Many people find that It is a thrilling experience to pick out the size of a sparkling mined diamond. Customers can even have the same exciting time getting the perfect size when selecting a lab diamond. This is due to the fact that lab diamonds come in different sizes from under a carat to even as much as three carats. Naturally, the price of the lab diamonds increases according to the size that you select, though lab diamonds do cost less than mined diamonds.

Consider some popular shapes for a man-made diamond

Many people really are drawn to the round shape of a lab diamond. This is because this shape adds more depth of fire to the diamond in comparison to other shapes. Many consumers also really like the oval shape due to the fact that it is highly appealing as a result of having the appearance of being bigger than in reality. Also, you may be interested in learning more about vvs diamonds and vs diamonds. Therefore, you can visit here:

Consider the marquise and some others when you want a large lab diamond

If you are the kind of person who wants everything in life to be big, then you will be able to enjoy a remarkably beautiful and large lab diamond if you opt to get a marquise-shaped diamond. This is due to the fact that a smaller portion of the stone is removed during the process of shaping the stone. As a result, the stone seems to be large. Other such options that do not require a lot of the removal of the diamond during the shaping process are the cushion shape and the pear shape, which means that these shapes offer large stones as well.

More Insights

Rare Carat is ready to assist you if you have any questions regarding the size and shape of any of the lab diamonds that you may be interested in. All lab diamonds from Rare Carat are processed in a truly ethical manner. The pricing of all lab diamonds is fair and transparent. You can have confidence that you are getting excellent quality for all diamonds produced in labs when you get them from Rare Carat. There is such a wide assortment of sizes and shapes for the lovely lab diamonds that are offered by Rare Carat, so there is surely something that meets the needs of every consumer. For more detailed information about lab diamonds that you can get from Rare Carat, click here to learn more:


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