Receiving calls from unknown numbers, whether from a telemarketer, a fraudster, or someone who dialed the wrong number, may be aggravating and even frightening. Fortunately, there are methods for determining who is phoning you without answering the phone.

A reverse phone lookup service, such as USPhoneLookup, is one possibility. All you need is the phone number to learn more about the caller using this service, such as their name and address. This is especially beneficial if you keep getting calls from an unknown number and want to know who is calling before answering.

Continue reading to learn about the five proven techniques for determining who is calling you.

Top 5  Effective Methods for Finding Out Who’s Calling You

  1. USPhoneLookup – Overall the best service to find unknown callers 
  2. CellRevealer – The most versatile reverse lookup tool
  3. Spokeo – The most efficient site for reversing phone numbers
  4. Number-Lookup – The easy and instant reverse address search phone lookup website.
  5. TheNumberLookup – The convenient website for locating unknown callers

1. USPhoneLookup

A reverse phone lookup service like USPhoneLookup is one of the most efficient ways to find the details of unknown callers who call you.

This website offers a comprehensive database of landline and mobile phone numbers, which makes you capable of finding the details of unknown callers who contacted you.

By entering the unknown number into the search bar on USPhoneLookup, users can quickly get information about the owner of that number. Their result typically includes the name, address, and other contact details such as email id or social media account links linked to that phone number.

Also, USPhoneLookup has an area code feature that helps users investigate suspicious numbers in a particular region. The feature enables users to see the comments made by other users about suspicious phone numbers in each area and avoid potential scams or frauds. Read more here about the area code feature. 


  • USphonelookup is a very straightforward and user-friendly platform.
  • It provides quick search results
  • The service on the website is free 
  • They do not store any data
  • You do not need to register on the website to use its service


  • It doesn’t provide any quick-access app
  • It’s not very adaptable.

2. CellRevealer

To determine the unknown caller on your phone, the CallRevealer is a powerful and effective platform. It’s a caller ID lookup service that can reveal unknown callers’ names, addresses, and other personal details. You only need the phone number, and CellRevealer will do the rest. This service scans public records databases and compiles information about individual phone numbers.

When using CellRevealer, it’s essential to remember that not all information may be accurate or up-to-date. Additionally, some numbers may be unlisted or registered under fake names. However, in most cases, CellRevealer is an excellent tool for identifying unknown callers.


  • It is very convenient to use.
  • It gives accurate and updated information.
  • CellRevealer searches are private.


  • It has limited database coverage.
  • The search result output is slow 

3. Spokeo

Spokeo is one of the most easy-to-use and trusted tools to help discover the unknown caller. It is an online search engine that provides comprehensive reports on people from public records, social media profiles, and other sources. With Spokeo, you can find their name, address, phone number, email address, social media accounts, criminal records history, and more.

Spokeo offers both free and paid versions of its service. The free version provides basic information about a person, while the paid version is more detailed and gives access to multiple searches with unlimited results. You can even get alerts when a new record or update appears on someone’s profile.


  • Spokeo is quickly and very adaptable
  • It has a considerable number of records in its massive database
  • It always provides leading-edge reports
  • Spokeo always has up-to-date information


  • To access the reports, you must log in.
  • It might keep user information.

4. Number-Lookup

Number-Lookup is a powerful tool to help you with your caller ID needs. This website identifies unknown phone numbers and provides valuable information about the caller. Using the Number-Lookup, you can easily ding out who’s calling you without answering the phone.

Due to its user-friendly interface, you can quickly search for any unknown caller’s phone number. Once you enter the number, it will check its database for any available information about the caller’s identity. It provides basic details such as name, location, and service provider.


  • Instant search option with user-friendly interface.
  • Free service
  • 24/7 customer support
  • It doesn’t store the search data


  • It doesn’t have a mobile app for quick access

5. TheNumberLookup

TheNumberLookup is a powerful site that can help you identify unknown callers. This online directory allows you to search for phone numbers and find out who they belong to. 

Moreover, many people use TheNumberLookup as a way of screening their calls. For example, suppose someone receives a call from an unknown number. In that case, they can quickly look up the number on TheNumberLookup to see if it’s associated with known scams or telemarketing companies. This allows them to avoid answering unwanted phone calls and wasting time on irrelevant conversations.


  • It instantly searches a public database for identity and provides a quick result.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Easily operatable


  • Results can be inaccurate, mainly if the number is new.


Finding out who’s calling you doesn’t have to be daunting. With the five effective methods discussed in this article, you can quickly unveil the unknown caller and put your mind at ease. Whether using a reverse phone lookup service or installing a caller ID app, various options are available depending on your preference and budget.

It is also important to remember that these methods may work most of the time, but there are possibilities that they might not be able to provide accurate information. To get the correct information with a quick result facility, you can opt for trustable services like USPhoneLookup.

Overall, being able to identify unknown callers not only helps protect yourself from potential scams but also gives you control over who you choose to communicate with. So next time you receive an unfamiliar call, rest assured that there are ways to uncover their identity and decide whether or not to answer. 

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