Designing custom shirts for your bridesmaids isn’t as complicated as it seems. While everyone has their own style, it’s less about guessing what those in the party want to wear and more about communicating with them directly. Designing tee shirts as a group effort will produce more successful outcomes for everyone.

There is no longer a standard way to throw a bachelorette party; this also includes the specifics of bachelorette party clothing. Even though the tradition of leaving the bridesmaid dresses up to the bride is still going strong, there is less tradition involved in the pre-wedding events. Indeed, there is plenty of room for creativity and personalization for the less formal aspects of the wedding, especially the bachelorette party.

If you’re planning the bachelorette party, you may find some relief in knowing that designing tee shirts can be as creative and unconventional as you need it to be to keep everyone happy. However, when you open the door to creativity, endless possibilities arise. How do you choose a matching tee-shirt design that everyone will love? Here are four tips for customizing matching bachelorette t-shirts.

1.   Use design templates to create your matching bachelorette t-shirts.

You can take a lot of the work out of designing matching bachelorette t-shirts by relying on t-shirt design templates. There are tons of online options for t-shirt designs. All of these choices will provide you with a framework to go from. With step-by-step directions and an outline to get you started, creating designs is a lot easier. You’ll have the flexibility to select templates, fonts, and more in a straightforward process.

2.   Take helpful suggestions from the bridesmaids.

Since you plan to create matching bachelorette t-shirts, getting feedback from the bridesmaids on ideas for designs is important. Matching shirts aren’t a world of fun if there is disagreement on the design ideas or the fit of the shirts.

3.   Look for top-rated t-shirt design companies.

The quality of shirts will vary depending on the retailer. Find top-rated t-shirt design companies and, ideally, companies that have designed matching bachelorette t-shirts before. Check for feedback and reviews to see what previous customers have to say about the quality.

4.   Get creative with what is meant by “matching” shirts.

There are a lot of ways to match tee shirts. They could be identical, or they could contain the same general theme. After discussing fashion likes and dislikes with the bridesmaids, determine if any personalized components need to be made while keeping with the chosen theme for the matching shirts.

For example, if you’re including stripes for a nautical theme, but some bridesmaids have expressed that horizontal stripes are unflattering, make shirts with vertical stripes for them. If stripes are what’s relevant, it shouldn’t matter if the layout changes slightly for the matching bachelorette t-shirts.

Match without conforming.

Keep your bachelorette party guests happy with tee shirts that match without conforming. Talk to the bridesmaids about their ideas to ensure that the designs are a win for everyone.

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