Traveling with pets can be much easier if it is by car. 

If you plan to travel with your kitty pie, consider using your car for a safe and enjoyable trip. Regardless of how long the journey is, you should take preventive care, so your furry precious stays happy during the trip and looks forward to joining on many more journeys with you.

Planning ahead about your cat’s safety is essential to avoid mayhem and ugly incidents like accidental injuries. Also, consider being equipped with cat insurance  NZ just in case a mishap occurs and your kitty cat needs timely medical aid at affordable costs.

Contemplate purchasing cheap cat insurance in the least so your furball has medical cover and you don’t have to take the entire financial stress during dire health situations and medical emergencies. Meanwhile, read this article to learn some tips to keep your munchkin safe during car travel.

Tip 1.

Ensuring your furry baby’s health and safety in a moving vehicle is of utmost importance, especially if traveling with your fur pal is a regular thing you both engage in. It is wise not to allow your furry pet to move around in your vehicle or even sit without restraint.

Feline experts recommend using pet restraints so the owner can drive their vehicle peacefully, knowing that their fur companion is guarded in the car. Note that an unrestrained cat can distract the driver during a trip, raising the risk of an accident, and is more likely to be injured or killed should an accident occur.

Allowing the cat to rest in its carrier is one workable solution; this can particularly help anxious cats. With this arrangement, the cat can feel less stressed, more relaxed and avoid frantic movements while the vehicle is moving.

Tip 2.

Consider searching and buying some top-quality cat travel products to secure your pet during car rides. For instance, consider placing a plush blanket on the carrier or crate’s floor to make it comfier for your cat; buying a cat carrier that is crash tested by the manufacturer, can be appropriately placed on your car seat and secured by the seat belt for added stability, plus, check if the carrier is big enough for your pet can sit, stand, and turn around easily. 

If you have many cats, consider buying separate carriers to accommodate them. You can also search for booster car seats designed for feline fur babies online. Use it with a harness so your kitty won’t get hurt during sudden stops or accidents.

Tip 3.

Consider placing the cat carrier in a safe place inside the car. The front seat is not the best place to keep the carrier because the carrier can be easily damaged and your kitty hurt during an accident even if an airbag is deployed. Instead, place it on the floor behind the front seats to not endanger your pet’s life. 

With any number of precautions taken, there is no way to stay absolutely safe during road trips or otherwise. This is one reason you should consider being prepared with cat insurance in NZ. Cheap cat insurance policies cover a furball’s testing, treatment, and medications during accidental injuries, specific illnesses, emergencies, and much more. Contemplate purchasing a policy so dealing with unanticipated vet bills is less financially cumbersome during needy times of health.

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