The SMS verification service appeared relatively recently, but is already very popular among Internet audiences around the world. The reason for such popularity is simple – in order to register on any site, the user does not need to buy additional SIM cards. It is enough to buy a virtual number at a specialized service, which is done in a few clicks. Virtual numbers to receive SMS can be used for a variety of purposes – from creating an anonymous account to having multiple accounts on a single web resource.

 If necessary, the buyer of virtual number is preserved full anonymity of personal data. Special attention should be paid to the fact that it is absolutely legal and affordable.

Who may need it?

Such service will be useful in various situations. Among the most popular ones are the following:

  •         It is necessary to register on the site, where it is required to specify the number of the mobile operator of a particular country. Specificity of many foreign sites is that the indication of the phone number of the domestic operator is obligatory when entering the personal data.
  •         To promote SMS messages. This method is actively used in advertising campaigns, SMM-marketing, maintaining pages in social networks with a large audience.
  •         When the site policy does not allow the registration of a new user for the existing cell phone number. This practice is actively used by many social networks and messengers.
  •         Also, a virtual number for SMS can come in handy at the time of registration for resources that raise doubts among users. Thus, they will protect their personal data from possible scammers.

Advantages of using virtual phone numbers

The main advantage of this service is a significant saving of time. The Internet user does not need to buy a piece SIM card as well as to activate it. You should not forget that you will also need to either buy a separate device for the chip, or regularly swap them in the same smartphone.

An important plus of the service is that the rental process will be many times cheaper in cost than paying for ordinary mobile traffic and the purchase of SIM cards.

In addition, virtual numbers are protected against virus attacks and work without interruption. It will be possible to receive the necessary SMS even if you are in areas where there is no standard coverage.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What exactly is a virtual SMS number?

A: A phone number that is not linked to a real SIM card or location is known as a virtual number for receiving SMS. Receiving SMS verification codes, two-factor authentication, and other online account registration procedures are all common uses for it.

Q: Why should I receive SMS to a virtual number?

A: An additional layer of privacy and security is provided by using a virtual number to receive SMS messages. It helps shield you from identity theft and fraud by separating your phone number from your online activities.

Q: How would I buy a virtual number for getting an SMS?

A: A virtual number service provider, like SMS-ma, can sell you a virtual number so that you can receive SMS messages. Through a simple platform, these services let you buy and manage virtual numbers from different countries.

Q: Can I use a virtual number for making phone calls?

A: No, virtual numbers are typically not designed for making phone calls. They are intended for receiving SMS verification codes and registering online accounts only.

Q: Do virtual numbers have an expiration date?

A: Yes, virtual numbers typically have an expiration date. You should keep track of when your numbers will expire and renew them as needed to avoid losing access to your accounts.


SMS verification services like SMS-man are a useful way to maintain your online security and privacy. By involving counterfeit telephone numbers for checks, you can stay away from the dangers related to utilizing your telephone number. Choose a reputable SMS verification service and adhere to security and privacy best practices when using one.

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