Discover the list of top promotions for the house Jun 88 – a great opportunity not to be missed to receive attractive offers. Register now and experience a variety of games!

Want to discover the list of attractive promotions from the Jun88 bookie? Be prepared to experience great deals not to be missed! Here you will find rich, unique promotions, along with the chance to win great rewards. Do not miss the opportunity!

1.Discover the hot “jun88 secret reward” offer

The promotion code of the secret rewards program is TB02, which is applicable to all members. The house will randomly distribute bonuses to your account to recognize important contributions in the development process.

Discover the hot “jun88 secret reward” offer

1.1 Promotion information

The dealer will randomly and secretly award prizes to players. The special thing is that you will not know when you will receive the reward, creating excitement and suspense. The program does not limit the number of times to receive the reward as well as the value of the reward.

After receiving the promotion, the winnings will be added directly to the linked gaming account or bank account. This notification will be sent to the phone number registered by the user since creating the account. In case it is not possible to contact us by phone, Jun88 will use SMS, Zalo or email.

In addition, the special feature of the offer is that this bonus can be completely withdrawn immediately after a single betting round, allowing you to quickly continue to have many great experiences.

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1.2 Terms to pay attention to

According to reviews from those who have participated in this Jun88 promotion, the conditions for receiving the bonus are relatively simple as participants do not need to deposit a large amount. However, to avoid being removed from the gift list due to a violation of the terms, we will cover a few important issues below:

Players need to have a personal account at the bookie to participate in the “secret bonus” promotion. In case you still do not have an account, quickly register now to increase your chances of receiving random gifts.

Jun88 can also send gifts through a bank account. Therefore, make sure that you have provided accurate and complete financial information. Please quickly update and check the information carefully to avoid unnecessary errors.

Players do not need to participate in any betting rounds to claim the bonus. A betting round referred to here is simply a betting round to withdraw money from your account to a personal bank account.

2. Second recharge Jun88 still receive jubilant gifts

Information about the promotion of the 2nd deposit at the bookie is becoming a strong “medicine” of encouragement. This program was created with the goal of encouraging players to bet continuously. After receiving the 1st deposit bonus, receiving the 2nd deposit bonus will definitely bring more wonderful experiences.

2.1 About the promotion

This promotional content at Jun88 is also extremely attractive and simple, just a member who makes the second deposit of 100 points or more will receive a reward. The amount of bonus points you get depends on the deposit amount and it can go up to 8,888 if the deposit is large enough.

Below are the published details of the deposit amount and corresponding bonus points for this program:

Deposit 100+: Get 28 bonus points.

Deposit 500+ : Get 98 bonus points.

Deposit 1,000+ : Get 128 bonus points.

Deposit 5,000+ : Get 388 bonus points.

Deposit 10,000+ : Get 588 bonus points.

Deposit 50,000+ : Get 1,888 bonus points.

Deposit 300,000+ : Get 5,888 bonus points.

Deposit 600,000+ : Get 8,888 bonus points.

About Jun88 promotion

2.2 Notes when participating in the promotion

The conditions for receiving the 2nd deposit promotion bonus at the Jun88 house are very simple and specific, you just need to comply:

Number of redemption points: Members need to top up with 100 points or more. Each 1 point corresponds to 1,000 VND.

Bank information: Players must fill in the bank information completely and cannot change this information after the first withdrawal. Furthermore, players who have participated in the 2nd deposit promotion will not be able to participate in other deposit schemes.

Self-update information: Jun88 does not need to notify about any modifications related to offers to players. Therefore, you should update yourself regularly by visiting the “Promotions” section on the home page of the page.

Apply for 2nd deposit: The program only applies to players with 2nd deposit and does not count in the lottery category. To withdraw the bonus you will need to complete at least 2 betting rounds.

Compliance with regulations: Players must not violate the terms and conditions set forth by the house. Participating in the bookie’s promotions requires compliance with the available regulations.

Choosing Jun88 is a smart choice to enjoy the best promotions. With a diverse and attractive list of top promotions, you will not be able to miss the opportunity to receive great rewards. Don’t hesitate, register now!

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