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Top Places To Explore On A Luxury Yacht In Uae

UAE is one of the best travel destinations in the whole Universe. The development it made over the past few decades is unmatchable. All the emirates present in it are very well developed. Luxury is the main thing you can experience in every emirate of the UAE. If you are willing to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, then UAE is a paradise for you. From brand new cars to luxury yachts, everything is present in UAE that makes you feel luxurious.

You can opt for luxury boat renting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other emirates in the UAE. However, only renting a luxury cat is not enough to make your tour unforgettable. You must know the places you can explore on a rental luxury yacht. Don’t worry! You don’t have to explore the whole map of the UAE to find these places. We are here to guide you in this regard.

Places to Explore on a Rental Yacht in UAE

Blue Marlin Beach

The first place you should visit after renting a luxury yacht in the UAE is Blue Marlin Beach. If you love the party, this beach is just for you. You can drive your luxury yacht to this beach and enter the Ibiza-inspired club present on this beach. This club is the main place where different parties are thrown by different people.

You can dance to DJ Music after entering the club. Your luxury yacht is enough to impress many people present in this club. So, you can easily make some new friends there. Make sure to enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine cooked by some world-class chefs on this beach.

Sir Bani Yas Island

This Island is around 170 km on the southwestern side of Abu Dhabi. You can easily reach there on your rental luxury yacht. As soon as you step on the island, you get familiar with a whole diversity of exotic animals present on this island. Nature seems very close to you when you spend time there.

In the crystal blue water around this island, you can view the amazing marine life on this island as well. If your luxury yacht doesn’t have a cabin or bedroom, you can stay in any of the five-star hotels present on this island. In short, this island is full of facilities and natural beauty. You can stay there as long as you want.

Palm Jumeirah Island

This is a manmade island present in Dubai. If you see the picture of this island from the top with the help of a drone camera, it appears like a palm tree. That’s why it has the word palm in its name. You can reach this island just by driving your luxury yacht in the Persian Gulf Ocean. Jumeirah Beach is the top attraction on this island.

Apart from that you can visit the Burj Al Arab as well because they too are present very close to this island. Resorts and restaurants are very popular on this island. Certain tourists have claimed that you can get authentic Arabic foods in the cafes and restaurants of Jumeirah Island.

Dubai Marina

It is a must-visit place on a luxury yacht in the UAE. Once you rent luxury yacht in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, this marina must be included among your top travel destinations. You can even visit a yacht club present in this marina to enjoy the company of other tourists and have a delicious English-style breakfast. Getting free from there, you can opt for several other adventurous activities present in this Marina.

Dubai Water Canal

This 3.2 km long water canal is a pure work of art and was completed in almost 3 years. A rental yacht is the best way to explore the true beauty of this amazing canal. You can witness several eye-catching sights when traveling through his canal. The scene of the artificial waterfall can fast you in its spell. This waterfall joins the Sheikh Zayed Road with this canal. The best thing about this waterfall is that it appears natural.


Now you know the places where you must go after renting a luxury yacht in the UAE. Fishing, yacht parties, racing and other activities are also linked with luxury yachts. Make sure to participate in all these activities as well.

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