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The do – At last

Vidéo guitare et chant, tablature, accords, paroles de la chanson “At last” de The do.

Tablature : accords, paroles

Accords utilisés :
F6 : x-8-10-10-10
F11 : x-8-8-8-8
Dm : x-5-7-7-6-5
C# : x-4-6-6-6
A#m : 6-8-8-6-6-6
D# : x-6-8-8-8-x

Intro : 

F6 F11 (x4)

F6                                  F11
  At last I found what I was dreaming of
F6                             F11      F6
  So bad, I want to tell the whole world
But I won't say no more,
                         F6    F11
Won't make it harder on you.

F6                                   F11  F6
  At last the love that I was dreaming of is mine,
Been walking on air for the last 92 hours
But I won't make it harder on you girls.

Been groping my way along the darkest of dungeons
A#m                           D#
Until I found out there were switches all around.
        F6  F11
At last!

F6 F11

F6                             F11
  At last I found I was dreaming of
F6                             F11
  Someone who truly understands me
A man I can trust
                    F6       F11
Trust with my dust, oh-oh.

F6                               F11    F6
At last it's more than I could ever expect

I can't believe it's real
      Dm                                 F6   F11
Now my life has a goal, a good happy home

Made up my mind now it's time t'settle down
A#m                            D#
But don't hold this against me I gotta run now!
        F6  F11
At last!

F6 F11

Oh girls I found what you're still craving for,
If you accept a piece of my advice
It's nothing but luck and I happened to be struck oh!

Oh girls oh please don't be so childish
Don't want my joy to make you sick
Thought I could share the fun
But I guess I was wrong

Gave up my heart and my soul and my pride
And my job and my creeds and the ones that I love,
Gave up my all to a man I just met
But there's no time to waste 'cause it's almost too late

At last !
At last !
At last !
At last !
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