From the name itself, you can probably guess the importance of data quality automation tools, whose primary function is to check the quality of data that is stored in your business. If the collected data of your business is on par with the quality you expect from it, then using such data would be useful. Based on internal or external data, businesses make many important decisions that are crucial for them in certain instances. Moreover, this data quality automation tool helps you analyze and manage such data convincingly so that anyone associated with your business can extract meaningful information from it as required. These data quality automation tools can serve many more purposes that could improve how your business functions through data collection. 

Table of content:

  • What is the real meaning behind data quality?

  • Tips for selecting the best data quality tools

  • Top 8 data quality tools and automation

  • Conclusion

What is the real meaning behind data quality?

If you still need help understanding the concept behind data quality, here is a short explanation that will help you clear your doubts about it. First of all, using the data quality tools, you can measure the actual value of the data based on numerous factors ranging from reliability, effectiveness, and consistency. When your business chooses to use such data quality automation tools, it might save them a lot of costs that could be used in other business sectors. There are a few more things that your chosen data quality tools could also figure out, like accurate data profiling, finding out duplicated data, and proper execution of them down the line. 

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Tips for selecting the best data quality tools

When it comes to data quality tools, there are many options presented in the market from which you can choose anyone that fits all your business requirements. However, before you do pick one data quality automation tool, there are a few things that you need to consider so that the tool you pick is used to the best of its abilities. 

  • Identify the purpose for using a data quality tool

The first and foremost thing you need to consider when your business is trying to find out the right data automation tool is the pre-existing challenges in your company. There are multiple challenges that your company might be facing for which you are on a hunt to find out the best data quality automation tool, like incorrect data, duplicate data, missing data, and many more issues. 

All this type of problems hinders the ability of a business to grow and achieve the targets it might have set for itself from the beginning. Moreover, such data-related issues could also create problems for all customers involved with your business. 

  • Adequate understanding of data quality tools

Before you choose one type of data quality tool that you might find suitable for your business, there are some things that you need to understand about it properly. Suppose you need to find out the actual purpose the data quality tool serves for your business. In that case, using this type of data quality tool could be difficult for anyone associated with your business. Even though there are many issues or challenges in your business, and you might also have the correct data quality tool, not knowing about it could still be futile for you. Knowing your data quality tool inside out could help you achieve all the tasks that you were looking to complete through your data quality tool. 

  • Comparing both pros and cons of a data quality tool

There is always a good and bad side to everything, and it is familiar when it comes to data quality tools. When trying to find a data quality tool, you should always target something with all the qualities equally distributed in it. Learning about all the features of your data quality tool and all the disadvantages it might cause to your business helps you stay out of any trouble that impacts your company. 

If you know all the pros of your data quality tool, you can use them in any way you want to enhance the customer satisfaction level of your business. On the other hand, knowing about the disadvantages will help you overcome all the difficulties that could cause issues for your business. 

Top 8 data quality automation tools and software

Until now, you have some basic understanding regarding all the qualities a data quality tool might introduce in your business if you trust your company’s capital to invest in one. That is why we have compiled a list of the top 8 data quality tools and software that could instantly work out for your business depending upon all the qualities you require. 

  • Zoom Info Operations OS

The first data quality tool on our list of the top 8 best ones available in the market, you should try Zoom Info Operation Os as the benefits it is known to provide is compared to none in this list. Regarding B2B purposes, this data quality tool is ideal as it can deliver upon all the promises made to your customers. 

Accessibility is also one of the underrated features in Zoom Info Operations OS because if you cannot use this platform properly, then the problems of your business might still be there even after its implementation. Every category of the data-related problem could be quickly sorted out through Zoom Info Operations OS as it is still considered one of the top data quality automation tools available. 

  • Talend

Are you looking for a data quality tool that can quickly identify all the issues with your data? Then choosing talent could be the right choice for you. When there is a lot of data to manage, it can make the process for any company challenging. Even finding out those issues could take a lot of time if you need to become more familiar with the data problems existing in your business. However, because of how Talend conducts its operations, finding data that might harm your business could be made more accessible. Henceforth, the cost at which talent could be available is worth your investment. 

  • Open refine

It is pretty tricky for any company to maintain a format of structured data as long forms of data are known for getting jumbled due to needing a reliable source to fit in. If such a thing does happen, then the quality of your data could be altered to such a level that it might not even be helpful for your company anymore. However, when you choose the Open Refine data quality automation tool, all your data stored in your company will be organized in a structured format that could be useful for your company. 

  • Cloudingo

The data stored in your company might contain only some helpful information, which makes them a little unpopular against all the other types of data with only good information. If you cannot maintain the integrity and cleanliness of your data, it might not be helpful for the salesforce you have arranged in your business. But if you are willing to get over such issues, clouding could be the best choice as it is known for cleaning, optimizing, and rectifying all the mistakes that could be underlying in your data. 

  • Data ladder

Extracting information from single pieces of data isn’t possible as it consumes a lot of time and effort from the people trying to do this work. However, the data ladder is quite different from all those data quality automation tools as combining, connecting, and processing all the data could be quickly done through this platform. 

  • Ataccama one

Data validation is one of the crucial aspects you need to remember while working with the quality of your data. When the data stored in your business needs to be validated to a certain level, serious problems could mount upon your business, trying to gain ground in an ever-competitive market. Therefore, Atacama is an ideal choice as it can quickly or seamlessly validate your data according to your company’s requirements. 

  • Oracle

Every business needs to evaluate its data accurately, or else quality issues could be rising to a certain level that might cause your business to halt its operations, as sales would not be too successful using the information extracted from them. Thus, using a data quality tool like Oracle would help you evaluate and find out the correct type of data that might be useful to your business. 

  • IBM Infosphere

The last data quality tool in our coveted list of all 8 best software IBM Infosphere also makes a list because it is famous for regulating and managing data much more straightforwardly than any other tool. Using IBM Infosphere, you might also begin working on or off-premises through the data cloud that could be part of your business. 



These are all the top 8 data quality tools that you can use in your business. If you are sure enough, they can change the trajectory based on which your company functions. Not all types of data quality tools are helpful because they have unique features, which could be kept in mind while trying to use such data quality tools. 


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