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Kick Off 2024 with Pump: The Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute Band at the Xcite Center

Fans at Aerosmith concerts enjoy singing along to hit songs like Dream On, Draw the Line, Cryin’, and many others. The magnetic stage presence of Steve Tyler and Joe Perry at the height of their fame was legendary. The best Aerosmith tribute bands recreate the experience of being at an Aerosmith concert. They replicate the band’s appearance, sounds, and style in every detail. The most talented ones bring their own interpretation to the iconic music while still preserving its legacy. 

Pump will be at Xcite Center

Pump: the Ultimate Aerosmith Tribute band is one of the most popular Aerosmith Tribute bands. It will be at the Xcite Center on Saturday, January 6th, 2024. Xcite Center at Parx Casino in Bensalem is known for hosting some of the hottest events in the music industry.

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Early beginnings

The band was formed in New York City in 2012 by Frank Tassielli and focuses on all the Aerosmith eras, including hits, ballads, and some rarer songs. All the members of the band have impressive musical backgrounds. Ian Temple on lead vocals and Frank Tassielli on bass will get the audience pumped and give them a taste of all they love about Aerosmith. Other band members include Johnny Flaggs Francese, a seasoned guitar player/singer, and Tommy Lestat Collier, who has 40 years of performing experience.

An energetic live performance

Now that fans can see their favorite bands perform when they watch on YouTube, it can create some nostalgia for the days of rock ‘n roll glory. Tribute bands can help them to recapture those days with a live experience. 

Pump prides itself on giving fans of Aerosmith an energetic stage performance. They may play all the songs note for note but are most proud of how they perform live. Some of Tassielli’s favorite Aerosmith songs are Toys in the Attic, Last Child, and Jaded. He loves playing in tribute bands because it makes him appreciate the artists more. 

Looking at the future

Seeing lists of some of the top bands in 2024 means it’s likely to be a memorable year for music. Tribute bands aren’t all equal, but the best ones help to recapture the legacy of the original music. The year 2023 has been a busy one for Pump, and January 2024 will see them delighting the crowd at Xcite Center.


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