What should be the ideal digital solution that can attract the attention of the public? This question can be answered by new product design services experts, or you can do your own research. Conducting user research is an integral part of the product development process. This will help you understand your target users, their needs, and preferences, allowing you to create a product that truly meets their needs. Below we will look at effective user research methods.

What to Do?

Let’s find out what user research methods will be effective in the process of designing a product.


The discovery phase is the phase of product design where you get an idea of what you don’t know and start to get a better understanding of what people need. to see if your project makes sense as such.

One of the main goals of this phase is to confirm or reject assumptions and provide your team with meaningful data and insights. Any digital product design company will tell you that this kind of research should be done before you start wasting energy on creating something you don’t need or designing a product for the wrong audience, but it can also be used to get an existing product or service up and running.


Every experienced product design service employs implementing learning techniques to understand the task space and scope of the design and to give proper attention to the needs of the users. Try to compare your product features with those of competitors, review design decisions, and conduct research to model user personas and write user stories.

You need to analyze user tasks to find a way to save people time and effort. You can also demonstrate to stakeholders the consumer’s journey and areas of risk of losing a client. Together you will decide what your ideal customer journey should be. Explore the possibilities of design by trying different approaches and brainstorming and testing the best ideas to determine which development components to keep.

It’s a good idea to gather feedback early on in problem-solving by discussing the design with stakeholders and subject matter experts. You can also use card sorting to see how people group your information and analyze how you navigate and organize your data.


Testing and evaluation methods allow you to test your design in and out of development to make sure the system works for those who use it. To do this, product design companies typically conduct quality usability testing. You should test early and often enough with different people, individually and in groups. Conduct an accessibility assessment to make sure your product is widely available. You can also ask people to self-report their interactions with the system and any interesting incidents for a while, for example through the diary method.


Big names in digital product design services always advise listening to what people have to say during the research and development stages to learn about current problems and find new ones. Analyze your data and track recurring scenarios and trends.

You also need to poll customers and potential users and track analytics and metrics to find trends and anomalies and measure your progress. To get the best results, you need to analyze search terms: What are people looking for, and what do they call it? Search logs are rarely taken into account, but they contain important information.


Remember that user research should be an ongoing process throughout the product development lifecycle. You should use all your product design expertise and constantly seek user feedback, and improve your product to meet the changing needs of your target users. And if you think that you need new product design services, get in touch with us. Our team will help you create an application or website that will resonate with your target audience.

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