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8 Things You Should Not Do to Keep Your Marriage Happy

Building and maintaining marital happiness is a shared responsibility between you and your partner.  Neither one of you should fight alone to achieve a happy marriage.  But it’s undeniable, there are things that you or your partner unknowingly do that can cause or exacerbate problems in your marriage. To keep your marriage going strong and full of happiness all the time, make sure you avoid doing the things that we have listed below!

  1. Blame each other

Many things can frustrate you and your partner so you blame each other, whether it’s about keeping the house clean, the behavior of the children, or financial matters. Even though as a married couple, you are both responsible for these things, sometimes you can just stop yourself from spewing blame on your partner. Keep in mind that this is something that you should avoid from now on.  When you both blame each other, this will only build rifts and not solve existing problems.

  1. Not saying what you feel

When you are annoyed at your partner or have something serious nagging at your conscience, then you should express it.  Say what’s on your mind and how you feel.  Don’t harbor feelings for your partner while hoping your partner will understand what’s really in your heart. Remember your partner can’t read your mind, just like you. Thus you should communicate everything clearly and openly. Great communication is the best way to achieve a long-lasting marriage life.

  1. Complaining about your partner to others

Talking about your partner’s bad qualities or how much you are annoyed with them to your friends is inappropriate.  Maybe a friend can help give you a new perspective on what you’re going through, but this can be discussed without needing to bad-mouth or put your partner down in front of other people. 


Especially if the case is with family. As best as you can, keep the negativity of your relationship behind closed doors to your family. You may be able to forgive your partner down the line, but your family might not. Thus if you are not ready to find the consequences of engaging in family drama, it is best to avoid talking bad about your partner to your family.

  1. Too jealous and borderline paranoid

It is natural to be jealous from time to time regarding your partner. But keep in mind that you should always make sure that you don’t overdo it, or make it into something too difficult for your partner, especially if it stems from baseless paranoia. You can keep a watchful eye, but at the same time trust the relationship that has been forged. Put your faith in your partner, and they will do the same to you as well.

  1. Hoping your partner fulfills all your needs

Every couple should strive to meet each other’s needs. However, it’s important to acknowledge that not all needs can always be fulfilled, such as when it comes to time. Understand that there are moments when you may need time with friends or family members, or even time alone to fulfill your personal needs, and this shouldn’t be viewed negatively.

  1. Neglecting your relationship after having children

After having children, it’s common for your time and focus to be primarily directed toward caring for them. As a result, your relationship with your partner may be affected, and you might spend less time together. However, it’s crucial not to neglect the connection between you and your partner. Make sure you still find time for each other, nurturing your relationship and maintaining intimacy in your marriage.

  1. Ignoring your partner’s love language

Understanding each other’s love languages is often overlooked but highly beneficial in knowing what you both need to express love in a meaningful way. For instance, if your partner’s love language is “physical touch,” you can provide comfort by rubbing their back when they are tired or simply to show affection.

  1. Lack of appreciation for your partner

As a couple, it’s important to have mutual respect for one another. Recognize that your partner may experience significant pressure as a provider and parent, and show respect for their efforts. Similarly, husbands should appreciate their wives’ endeavors in maintaining a clean house, raising children, and juggling work-from-home responsibilities. 

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