To help you, right below the betting experience, we will point out the 5 most popular types of bets that every player needs to know before going through the practice phase. With these, you can be more confident about starting with a large stake on this site

Full Match Results (WLD)

Basically, the full-time result format is where you predict the outcome at the end of the match or after 90 minutes of play. You have three ways to predict: win, lose, or draw. Therefore, this form of football betting is also known as WLD.

However, the concept of winning, losing, and drawing is only relative when it is still based on the odds that the house offers. For example, in the match between Chelsea and Norwich, the house has the odds of Chelsea handicap 2.0. If you choose Chelsea, the home team needs to win by a difference of more than 2 goals for the player to be considered a winner. In the event that Chelsea only wins by a goal difference or does not win, the player is considered a loser. And if Chelsea wins by just two goals, it is considered a draw.

Half Game/Full Game (HT/FT)

Also known as a “double result”, this is a form of betting that involves betting on football halftime and fulltime in the same bet. This form of betting is quite interesting. There are up to nine results for each match. First half (1st half): you can bet to win, draw, or lose. The whole match had similar results.

For example, in a match between Chelsea and MU, You can bet on Chelsea’s draw/win. Of course, you also only win when the outcome of the match is exactly what you guessed. This form of betting is interesting, but the risk is also quite high. Because not every team can turn the tide and bring the desired results.


Total goals (over and under)

This form allows players to choose how many goals the whole match has. You don’t need to specify the number of goals to be scored; just predict whether more (over) or fewer (under) goals will occur. The number chosen is usually 2.5. However, there will also be many other results, such as 3.0, 4.5, etc.

Correct Score (CS)

This type of football betting allows players to bet around the end of regular time. With this form, you can see the progress of the previous competition. Therefore, you already have a basis to determine the betting part, so the odds of winning will be higher. However, you only win if the final result matches your prediction. So consider this before determining which odds to use.

First Goalscorer (FGS)

As the name suggests, you will need to bet on who will be the first to score in the match. Another option for this form is that you can choose to have no one score. If no one scores in regular time, you win.

However, when betting on football in this form, you need to note two things. The first is an own goal; for each house, there will be separate rules. Some bookies will record the results as usual, but some will ignore this case. Therefore, you need to do your research carefully before deciding to bet. The second is that the player you bet on is on the bench or comes on after the first goal. In this case, some bookies will return your bet, but some will also record your loss, so it is also very important to be careful.

Above are the 5 most popular types of bets that any player needs to learn and always use in every match. Find out how to understand them and learn from more betting experiences. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to skip the practice phase and move towards bigger stakes.

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