What is a glass bong

Lately, many people have started to use different types of devices in order to satisfy their smoking needs. Due to the increase in the demand for new smoking methods, companies started to invest in research and development (R&D) to increase the number of available options available for their target audience. 

Because of research and development, companies were able to introduce different types of bongs, one of them being the glass bong. Nowadays, a glass bong is considered to be one of the most commonly used bong types among the smoking community.

A glass bong became a trend because of its uniqueness; to use a glass bong, smokers are required to complete all the steps necessary to smoke with the device. In other words, to be able to use a bong, smokers will have to grind the cannabis and herbs and accurately store them inside the bowl piece of the bong. Additionally, they need to fill the water chamber with water to be able to smoke through the mouthpiece after heating the bowl piece in order to produce the right amount of smoke. 

However, nowadays, people can also find glass bongs that work effectively without the need for water. To further elaborate, smokers can now find glass bongs that have a substitute compartment to the water chamber called dab rigs. When a collection of MJ Arsenal dab rigs was introduced, people started to use bongs with this compartment since it provided a more feasible method of smoking. This is because glass bongs that have dab rigs do not require smokers to fill the device with a chamber, making it easier to smoke through it. 

What are the compartments of a glass bong 

A glass bong consists of a mouthpiece that allows people to inhale the smoke through it. After the mouthpiece, the downstem is the tube that connects the mouthpiece to the rest of the glass bong. At the end of the downstem is where it is different; there are glass bongs that have a water chamber at the end of the tube or others that have a chamber where the smoke circulates without the need for water. When using the latter, there will be an additional compartment of a dab rig, which will be able to provide all the benefits that the water chamber does, such as filtration and cooling the smoke. 

Even though smoking through glass bongs is considered to be one of the most effective methods, it is important to understand that the cleaning process of bongs is the most tricky part. Nevertheless, using a glass bong provides people with the ease of cleaning the bong.

5 tips for cleaning a glass bong effectively:

Since the smoke circulates inside the bong, the chances of residue building up inside the downstem are high. When the residue is not properly cleaned, the next time that a smoker uses the device, they will start to inhale the contents of the residue, which can be toxic to people’s health. Thus, be sure to follow the cleaning procedure. 

1- Have all the necessary cleaning supplies ready

Before getting into the bong cleaning process, be sure to have all of the cleaning supplies ready. For instance, one of the most commonly used cleaning supplies for bongs are Isopropyl Alcohol, Salt Solution, hot water, a cloth, and a small brush. 

2- Try to disassemble the bong

Now that all the supplies are ready, try to disassemble the bong as much as possible; some bongs do not disassemble, and others may take apart all of its components. Whatever the case, be sure to disassemble as much as possible to ensure a proper cleaning process. 

3- Soak in hot water mixed with the right cleaning liquid

After all the pieces are disassembled, bring a bowl of hot water and mix with it the Isopropyl Alcohol and salt solution. After the mix is created, soak all the parts inside the liquid and leave for a considerable amount of time. Once you realize that the residue is starting to peel off, you can take the parts out of the mix.

4- Use a small brush to scrub all of the residue 

After taking all the parts out, use a small brush to scrub all of the residue left on the compartments. Be sure to complete this step carefully in order to avoid scratching the bong parts.

5- Leave the pieces to dry and reassemble

Now that the pieces are clean, you can soak them in only water to get all the cleaning materials off of them. Once they are soaked and rid of other materials, leave the pieces to dry on a cloth, and afterward, reassemble the bong to be able to use it.


To conclude, glass bongs are considered to be one of the most commonly used smoking devices nowadays; thus, be sure to follow the right cleaning procedures to reduce the negative effects of using bongs with residue. 

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